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Going Out Gracelessly

Later tonight -- or, if worst comes to worst, in the next few days -- either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be forced to take the stage and deliver a speech conceding the election to his rival. It's a painful task. Read More »

Micah Zenko

'A Period of Persistent Conflict'

Though both of the presidential candidates claim to want a peaceful world (Mitt Romney used some version of "peace" 12 times in the final presidential debate), it is unlikely that the United States will ever have a peacetime president again. Read More »

The List

How Ancient Plankton Elected Obama

Despite all the polls and punditry, only a few things can be predicted with absolute certainty about today's election, including that they will (eventually, perhaps) produce a winner, a loser, and a slew of electoral cartography for CNN's John King to play around with on a touch screen. Read More »

The List

8 Ways the World Has Changed Since Obama's Election

During the 2012 presidential election, Republicans assailed President Barack Obama's economic record by invoking Ronald Reagan's famous question: Are you better off than you were four years ago? What if we asked the same question about the world? Read More »

The Cable

Foreign election officials amazed by trust-based U.S. voting system

For the head of Libya's national election commission, the method by which Americans vote is startling in that it depends so much on trust and the good faith of election officials and voters alike. Read More »

This Week’s Column

Thoughts of a first-time voter

I voted in a national election for the first time in my life today -- at the age of 62. During more than three decades as a foreign correspondent and a political reporter, I reported on countless elections in countries around the world. Read More »

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