Bush's Legacy


Dancing for Their Lives

Making an undercover visit to an Iraqi expat nightclub in Syria, where the refugee crisis's illicit economy is on full display.

Deborah Amos |

The List

The Conventional Wisdom Isn't Always Wrong

Five things you think are true that are.

Joshua Keating |


Obama's Middle East Democracy Problem

The Obama administration’s quiet approach to promoting freedom in the Arab world is about to meet its first major test.

Barbara Slavin |


Bipartisan Spring

Washington may be deeply polarized on domestic matters, but when it comes to foreign affairs, a remarkable consensus is taking shape.

Robert Kagan |

Small Wars

This Week at War

What the four-stars are reading -- a weekly column from Small Wars Journal.

Robert Haddick |


The End of Diplomacy?

Once up a time, Americans achieved great things abroad. No longer.

Aaron David Miller |

Briefing Book

How to Read the QDR

What the Pentagon’s most highly anticipated planning document says about the gap between its aspirations and reality.

Travis Sharp |


CIA Man Retracts Claim on Waterboarding

A study in "enhanced reporting techniques."

Jeff Stein |


Groundhog Day in Afghanistan

Day after day, political crisis after political crisis, Afghanistan persists in going nowhere.

Whitney Haring-Smith |


Losing Cairo?

Since Barack Obama's speech six months ago, the Muslim world has begun to lose hope in the United States. But it's not too late ... yet.

Andrew Albertson |


The Other Nobel Controversy

What the recent uproar over the Nobel Committee chairman's lucrative new post says about Norway's peace prize complex.

Kjetil Wiedswang |


The $2 Trillion Man

How Obama saved Brand America.

Simon Anholt |


The Danger KSM Still Poses in Washington

The architect of the 9/11 attacks is headed to a criminal trial in New York -- but Obama's made a muddle of the rest of the legal picture.

Juan Carlos Zarate |


My Nights With Hamid

The world is hounding the Afghan president to crack down on corruption and kick out entrenched warlords. I don't think he's going to do it, and I should know: I’m the man who wrote his autobiography.

Nick B. Mills |


Please Send More Than Troops

If the window closes to fix Afghanistan's government, more boots on the ground won't matter.

Ashraf Ghani |


Europe's Obama Fatigue

Bush was better for Europe. No, seriously.

James Joyner |


Fighting Terror the Cold War Way

Books, art, and culture can help win the battle of ideas in the Middle East.

Todd Helmus |


Lessons in Disaster

Why is the Obama administration reading up on its Vietnam history?

Gordon M. Goldstein |

Think Again

Think Again: America's Image

U.S. standing in the world matters, Americans care about it, and a weakened stature continues to hamper U.S. policy. Twenty prominent political scientists have recently completed a year-long study of the issue and clear away the underbrush of misunderstanding.

Peter Katzenstein |

Briefing Book

The Guantanamo Countdown

President Obama promised to close the facility within a year, but eight months later, the path is looking rockier. Here's what the administration needs to do to meet its deadline.

Sarah Mendelson |


Strategic Communication: Getting Back to Basics

Writing in Joint Force Quarterly, Adm. Michael G. Mullen critiques the U.S. government's approach to winning hearts and minds.

Michael G. Mullen |

In Box

A Bright Shining Slogan

How "hearts and minds" came to be.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Not Enough?

Susan Rice's speech was a good start toward global re-engagement. But it was only that -- a start.

John Norris |

Seven Questions

Seven Questions: Jay Garner

The man who first led reconstruction efforts in Iraq says that Arab-Kurd tensions are overblown and that "soft partition" would have been a good idea.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Do Targeted Killings Work?

Drone strikes are far from perfect -- but they're also far better than nothing.

Daniel Byman |

Briefing Book

License to Kill

When I advised the Israel Defense Forces, here's how we decided if targeted kills were legal -- or not.

Amos N. Guiora |


A Hollow Victory for Iraq

How the militants are celebrating the U.S. withdrawal.

Ranj Alaaldin |


Obama's Shallow Realism

Why the U.S. president shouldn't react to one bad foreign policy with another.

David Gardner |


Cut Bibi Some Slack

Why Obama's hard line on Israeli settlements is counterproductive.

Steven J. Rosen |