Obama Administration

Rational Security

In Defense of PRISM

How else can we smoke terrorists out of their hidey holes?

John Arquilla |


Obama’s Surveillance State

The war on terror has taken over not just U.S. foreign policy, but also our inboxes, smartphones, and Facebook pages. And we're only beginning to understand how much harm that's caused.

Suzanne Nossel |

By Other Means

Transnational Security Advisors

Susan Rice and Samantha Power will finally move U.S. foreign policy into the 21st century.

Rosa Brooks |


Let's Not Be Friends

Obama and Xi will work better together if they both acknowledge they don't trust each other.

Yan Xuetong |


Rice, Power, and Hope

Did Obama just change Washington from the inside?

Michael A. Cohen |


Why the NSA Needs Your Phone Calls…

… and why you (probably) shouldn't worry about it.

Stewart Baker |


The 7 Deadly Sins of Defense Spending

How the Pentagon can cut costs -- and come out stronger.

David Barno |

Gordon Adams

It Ain't About the Hardware

Will the wars of the future be won by management consultants?

Gordon Adams |

Reality Check

Peace Offensive

Obama thinks he can solve the world’s most intractable conflicts. What if he’s wrong?

Aaron David Miller |

Micah Zenko

The No-Plan Zone

Modest measures to aid the Syrian rebels won't topple Assad. And despite protestations, even Washington's hawks don't want to go further.

Micah Zenko |

David Rothkopf

Donilon's Legacy

Obama's outgoing national security advisor leaves behind a U.S. foreign policy in much better shape than he found it. Can Susan Rice build on his success?

David Rothkopf |


Xi's Not Ready

Why Obama should skip the shirt-sleeves summit with China's new leader.

Michael Auslin |

Rational Security

Drones Are Too Slow to Kill Terrorists

President Obama's magical thinking about how to defeat al Qaeda.

John Arquilla |


Spies Like Them

How Robert Mueller transformed -- for better and for worse -- the FBI into a counterterrorism agency.

David Gomez |


Arms Twisting

Why won't Obama sign his own weapons treaty next week?

Rachel Stohl |

By Other Means

Automatic for the People

How to end Obama's culture of secrecy in just a few lines of code.

Rosa Brooks |


An Honest Broker

The national security advisor of James Mann's profile bears little resemblance to the Tom Donilon I know.

Jeremy Bash |

Reality Check

Speak No Evil

Why Obama shouldn't have given that big drone speech.

Aaron David Miller |


Ready, Fire, Aim

Why the U.S. should have launched an ICBM during the North Korean crisis.

Andrea Berger |

Micah Zenko

Confront and Confuse

Did Obama's speech actually say anything new about drones?

Micah Zenko |


Obama's Gray Man

Tom Donilon has amassed enormous behind-the-scenes power as the president’s national security advisor. But now, as the White House shuffles its foreign-policy team, his critics are sharpening their knives.

James Mann |


The Other War on Terror

Limiting drone strikes and closing Gitmo won't stop homegrown radicals.

Jane Harman |


Shutter Island

Why does Obama think it will be easier to close Gitmo this time?

Phillip Carter |

Terms of Engagement

The Indispensable Nation's Indispensable Weapon

Obama can't live without drones, Pakistan can't live with 'em. So the president bowed to the Islamic street.

James Traub |

By Other Means

Authorize This

Can Obama put the war on terror on a new legal footing?

Rosa Brooks |

By Other Means

The War Professor

Can Obama finally make the legal case for his war on terror?

Rosa Brooks |


Gitmo's Fallen Czar

Daniel Fried was the perfect man for the hardest job in Washington, but even he couldn’t close Guantanamo.

Michelle Shephard |


Ship Storm

There may be valid reasons to question the wisdom of reforming U.S. food aid. But saving the Merchant Marine isn't one of them.

John Norris |


Curing America's Fear of Commitment

Karzai is an ingrate, but the Afghans need us.

Marc Chretien |

Daniel Altman

Are We Becoming Argentina?

The Republican Party is taking America down a dangerous path.

Daniel Altman |