About Us

Founded in 1970 by Samuel Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel, and now published by the Foreign Policy Group, a division of the Washington Post Company, in Washington, D.C., Foreign Policy is the premier, award-winning magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas. After winning our third "Ellie" (National Magazine Award) in six years, we believe the judges said it best:

Serious without being pompous, deep without being self-indulgent, Foreign Policy is an essential modern guide to global politics, economics, and ideas for people who want to know what's really happening in an increasingly complicated world. Foreign Policy both simplifies and clarifies complex topics with crisp, insightful writing and clear design.

—Judges' Remarks, 2009 National Magazine Awards

Equal parts scout and translator, we draw on the world's leading journalists, thinkers, and professionals to analyze the most significant international trends and events of our times, without regard to ideology or political bias. Whether examining who the winners are in Iraq, determining solutions to save the world, or discovering the states that fail us, we strive to combine original thinking with real-world illustrations of ideas in action.

The New ForeignPolicy.com

Beginning in January 2009, ForeignPolicy.com relaunched as a vibrant, daily online magazine. Rather than merely complementing the print edition, the site stands on its own as one of the web's premier destinations for international news and opinion. FP has recruited some of the sharpest writers in international politics to look beyond the day's headlines to uncover overlooked stories and unique angles. Passport, the award-winning blog by FP's editors, has been joined by a host of new blogs and columns:

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and Fiasco author Tom Ricks comments on military matters at The Best Defense.
  • Harvard's Stephen Walt, co-author of the bestselling The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, injects a dose of realism into the online political debate.
  • Superclass author David Rothkopf gives readers an inside look at the global power brokers who really run the world.
  • The Fletcher School's Daniel Drezner blogs on foreign policy, international economics, and occasionally the Red Sox.
  • George Washington University's Marc Lynch ("Abu Aardvark") blogs on the politics of the Middle East.
  • Journalist Josh Rogin writes The Cable, featuring original coverage, scoops, and behind-the-scenes reporting about the making of Washington's foreign policy in the age of Obama.
  • Our new blog on the United Nations, Turtle Bay, features the daily reporting of longtime Washington Post correspondent Colum Lynch.
  • A coterie of conservative foreign-policy heavyweights, including former Bush administration officials Peter Feaver and Will Inboden, critique the Obama presidency at Shadow Government.
  • The Call features political forecasting by Ian Bremmer and the political-risk consulting firm Eurasia Group.

Here's a quick tour of our regular departments:

Think Again — Charged with debunking conventional wisdom, this section tackles a wide range of subjects, from Iran's Green Revolution to nuclear weapons and Somali pirates.

Prime Numbers — A powerful, visual analysis of the trends that shape our daily lives, such as the rise of international adoption, the cost of office space, and the global prison population.

Features — Where the world's top thinkers come to debate the most salient issues of the day: What is one solution that will make the world a better place? How did globalization go bad? Is there any hope of fixing Afghanistan?

Arguments — Polemical, controversial, and powerful, FP arguments provide timely insight on stories making headlines around the world.


"Always authoritative but never heavy-handed, Foreign Policy delivers on its mission to take readers beyond the facts to understand how the world works."

—2007 National Magazine Awards

"intelligent and innovative"

—2003 National Magazine Award citation

"dares to make international relations interesting to the non-policy-wonk community"

—"Foreign Policy, From Wonkish to Winner Magazine," Peter Carlson, the Washington Post, May 8, 2003


FP is a 2006 and 2005 nominee and a 2009, 2007, and 2003 winner of the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The magazine's readers include some of the most influential leaders in business, government, and other professional arenas throughout the United States and more than 160 other countries. In addition to our flagship English-language edition and award-winning website, ForeignPolicy.com, FP is also published in Arabic, Bulgarian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish.