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In addition to up-to-the-minute reporting and multimedia features, is the home of popular online columns and channels, which can be purchased for short ad flights or sponsored exclusively for extended periods. These include:


A blog by the editors of Foreign Policy.

The Best Defense

Tom Ricks' daily take on national security.

David Rothkopf

How the world is really run.

Prestowtiz On Trade

An obsessive blog about Hillary Clinton.

In Other Words

The world's most noteworthy books.

Marc Lynch

Abu Aardvark's Middle East blog.

Turtle Bay

Reporting from inside the United Nations.

The Cable

Reporting inside the foreign policy machine.

Steven Walt

A realist in an ideological age.

Daniel W. Drezner

Global politics, economics, and pop culture.

The AFPAK Channel

Inside the war for South Asia.

Net Effect

A technology expert's views of global affairs.

The Call

Political futures from Ian Bremmer and Eurasia Group.

Shadow Government

Notes from the loyal opposition.

The Middle East Channel

A partnership of the NAF Middle East Task Force and the Project on Middle East Political Science.

Foreign Policy is a must-read for the foreign policy set.”

—Al Kamen,
The Washington Post

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