Foreign Policy Advertising Opportunities

In addition to effective, efficient advertising in our print edition, Foreign Policy offers special opportunities to connect with government leaders and corporate decision makers.

Global Thinkers

Every year FP publishes a special year-end special issue devoted entirely to ranking the world’s top 100 global thinkers, reviewing the results of a unique survey of this exclusive group and sharing their collective insights for the year ahead.

We also host an event in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the issue- last year almost one-third of the list members attended along with leading policy makers in the US and worldwide like Senator John Kerry, and Foreign Ministers from both Brazil and Turkey.

Organizations interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities should contact Amer Yaqub at or 202-728-7310.

Deep Dive

FP’s Deep Dive briefings are unique monthly policy conversations about the world’s most pressing issues. Each month- in partnership with the Brookings Institution- we tackle a new subject from the top of the Washington agenda, featuring key players from Capitol Hill and the executive branch, as well as other global decision-makers, as we go deep on the issues shaping Washington's intersection with the world.

Deep Dive is all about convening a debate - an in-depth policy conversation on the world's most pressing issues. Each month, we'll tackle a new subject from the top of the Washington agenda, combining the in-depth study of the Brookings Institution with the in-the-moment authority of Foreign Policy's editorial team.

You'll hear from top players from Capitol Hill, the executive branch, and global decision-makers -- as well as FP's host of well-known expert contributors and writers -- each month as we go deep on the issues shaping Washington's intersection with the world.

Expect penetrating analysis, new data and insights -- and more than a little heated debate. Our hope is to keep the conversation going all month long.

We'll launch the series each month with an exclusive Brookings briefing paper, original articles and interviews on by the global heavyweights shaping the policy debate, and a live event in Washington, DC to put the conversation in even sharper focus.

Past contributors to Deep Dive include:

  • Sen. Orrin Hatch on why the U.S. Congress must approve the pending Free Trade Agreements
  • Clyde Prestowitz claims that the trade debate is missing the real issues
  • Scholars Jason H. Grant and Kathryn A. Boys write about their surprising research about the benefits of the WTO for global agricultural exchange
  • Todd Tucker, head of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, explains why he believes that the free trade agreements are hurting American values and influence
  • Howard Rosen, expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, explains what needs to be done to make the American public accept international trade

Please contact Amer Yaqub, or 202-728-7310 to learn how your organization can sponsor these series.

Capitol Hill Edition Belly Bands

Our Capitol Hill Edition features a high-quality, heavy-stock advertising band around each of nearly 5,000 copies delivered to members of congress, chief legislative aides and staff directors of congressional committees.

Belly bands draw readers' attention and point them to a premium position, full-page advertisement inside that issue of Foreign Policy.

Professional Center Listings

Advertise upcoming seminars, conferences, grants, fellowships, and open positions. Perfect for universities, NGOs, government, and special programs seeking individuals with a high level of international interest or experience.

Airline Program Sponsorship

Foreign Policy airline program delivers strategic exposure to senior corporate executives, investors, major media figures, and government leaders who work in the Boston-New York-Washington axis. Distribution points include Delta shuttle lounges in Boston, La Guardia, and Reagan National airports, plus United and Continental Airlines' Presidents Clubs and on-board flight service. Sponsorship includes advertising space in the magazine as well as a "Compliments of" gold seal bearing the sponsor's logo and web address on every in-flight copy.

Gold Seal Event or Controlled Circulation Sponsorship

The Gold Seal program features sponsorship of a Foreign Policy issue at an event of your choosing or at an event where the magazine has a presence such as World Economic Forum events. You may also consider sponsoring a segment of our controlled circulation to qualified readers, such as members of a regional World Affairs Council, to reach specific target audiences. Sponsored copies of the magazine carry a "Compliments of" gold seal on the cover that includes the sponsor's logo and web address.

Sponsored issues can also be polybagged with additional marketing communication materials, allowing an expanded message to targeted recipients.

Premium Placement

For premium placement of your print or online advertising, contact us directly.


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