Special Issues

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January/February 2012

Global Economy

Featuring out-of-the-box ideas from leading thinkers and doers and their take on how to save the world’s faltering economies.

March/April 2012

War Issue

Our annual special issue on the military and the trends and issues related to conflicts worldwide.

May/June 2012

Guide to Graduate Education

This fourth annual advertising section profiles leading graduate schools in international affairs and includes articles on how to get in, which schools to apply to and how to leverage the degree for career success.


Failed States Index

An annual collaboration with the Fund for Peace, this widely read report identifies the areas of the world most at risk and their potential impact on the rest of the world.


International Business Travel

A new advertising section highlighting the trends and issues facing global travelers.




Global Thinkers

Annual ranking of the world’s top 100 global thinkers and how their ideas will impact our future.


Specs and Deadlines

Get complete planning dates and production information. Learn more.

“For decades, Foreign Policy has been the innovator on international affairs.”

—Leslie Gelb,
President Emeritus,
Council on Foreign Relations

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