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Foreign Policy Launches National Security Channel

September 5, 2012 - Washington DC- The FP Group, a division of the Washington Post Company, today launched FP National Security, a new channel within its award winning website, The new channel is dedicated to providing original reporting, exclusive insight, and breaking news on global security, defense, and intelligence.

Editor in chief Susan Glasser will lead a best-in-class national security team of top journalists in the field as well as military experts and leaders in defense and intelligence to drive coverage for FP National Security, available at, creating an exclusive, all-access hub for the most important issues facing global leaders in security.

"At a moment when geopolitics and the nature of global threats are shifting profoundly, a potentially ground-breaking debate is taking place on defense funding in the United States and worldwide, and new technologies are changing our fundamental approaches to security issues, the need for real-time insights and analysis into these issues has never been more urgent," said David Rothkopf, chief executive and editor-at-large of The FP Group. "We see the addition of this product therefore meeting both an important need of our global audience of leaders in business, finance and government and building on our long-established relationship with them as a trusted provider of the decision support they need to do their jobs."

FP’s National Security Channel will feature four marquee columns written by an experienced, authoritative group of journalists, and overseen by executive editor Peter Scoblic, former deputy staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and executive editor of the New Republic:

The Best Defense: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Thomas E. Ricks will continue to convene conversations and debates around the nation’s top security and defense issues on The Best Defense, winner of a National Magazine Award for best blog in 2010.

Situation Report: Gordon Lubold will pen Situation Report, a morning must-read newsletter packed with scoops, reporting on personnel, and an aggregation of the day’s most important stories in national security and defense. The newsletter is available by signing up at

The E-Ring: Inside the Pentagon’s Power Corridors: Kevin Baron will lead a new daily blog focused on the inner circle of the military industrial complex. From personnel and policy issues, to debates with Congress over defense spending and budget cuts, Baron will give his readers the edge on what’s happening inside the Pentagon.

Killer Apps: National Security in an Age of Cyber Threats: John Reed will be devoted exclusively to covering the new age of cyber security. Reed’s column will cover the research and development of new offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, the vulnerabilities of U.S. infrastructure, the mysterious new Cyber Command, and the many policy debates about the changing nature of war.

Readers of the channel will also find regular columns from some of the nation’s most recognized leaders in national security, military, and government, including Lt. Gen. Dave Barno (USA, ret), who commanded U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and John Arquilla, the military theorist who coined the term “cyberwar” back in the 1990s. Additional columnists include: Amy Zegart, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of Eyes on Spies: Congress and the U.S. Intelligence Community; Gordon Adams, professor of international relations at the School of International Service at American University and Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center; Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and author of the blog Arms Control Wonk; Micah Zenko, Douglas Dillon fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; Robert Haddick, managing editor of Small Wars Journal; Rosa Brooks, Georgetown University Law Professor; and Winslow Wheeler is director of the Straus Military Reform Project of the Center for Defense Information, which recently moved to the Project on Government Oversight.

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