Ante up for America

America’s friends abroad, and even some of its foes, have responded to the horrific destruction to the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina by pledging money and sending supplies to assist the recovery effort. Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates lead the pack, offering $100 million each. A touching $25,000 was pledged by tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka. And Iran offered 20 million barrels of oil—if the United States lifts its sanctions. FP offers a complete breakdown of the kind (and sometimes surprising) generosity of more than 50 countries around the world.

Afghanistan$ 100,000AlbaniaPledged $ 300,000Argentina6 disaster relief & rescue coordinators, 4 bilingual mental health expertsArmenia$ 200,000Australia$ 7.6 millionAustriaWater pumps, plastic sheets, cots; an Austrian Red Cross team is in Houston to set up a communication networkAzerbaijan$ 500,000Bahamas$ 50,000 for victimsAdditional aid to Bahamian citizens in stricken areasBahrain$ 5 millionBangladesh$ 1 millionBelgiumMedical and logistics support, civil engineering, diving teams, pumps, generatorsBoliviaPledged 5 civil defense officers to work with Mississippi National GuardBosnia and HerzegovinaPledged $ 76,362Britain400,000 ready-to-eat meals, medical experts, search-and-rescue gear, marine engineers, high-volume pumpsBrunei$1 millionCambodiaPledged $ 20,000Cameroon$ 450,000CanadaPledged $5 million to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund3 Navy ships, a Coast Guard vessel, several Sea King helicopters, and about 1,000 personnel, including divers to help clear waterways and inspect damaged levees.ChilePledged sheets and blankets, diapers, and bandagesChina$ 5.1 million to survivors1000 tents, 600 generators, bedsheetsColombiaOffered rescue and paramedic teams, 4 mental health expertsCuba1,100 doctors (turned down)Cyprus$ 50,000Czech Republic24,000 blankets, 600 camp beds, 14 large tents, rescue teams, a field hospital, pumps and water processing equipment, as well as transport planesDenmark50,000 blankets, 3,500 first-aid kits, water purification units, and personnelDjibouti$ 50,000DominicaPolice to help patrol disaster zoneDominican Republic$ 50,000Offered rescue workers, doctors, and nursesEgypt6,000 blankets and relief suppliesEl Salvador100 Army troops, including medical personnel, and engineersEthiopiaPledged $ 100,000 to the Bush-Clinton Katrina FundEquitorial Guinea$ 1.5 millionFinland3 logistics specialists and a search-and-rescue team, offered sheets, tarps, first-aid kits, and pillow coversFrancePledged $1 million in private donations300 tents, 980 cots, 60 generators, 3 water purification units, 30 water pumps, offered aircraft and 2 ships with helicopters, disaster unit with 20 soldiers, civil defense detachment of 35 peopleGabon$ 500,000Germany70,000 meals, medical supplies, vaccination teams, water purification equipment, medical evacuation aircraft, and crisis management expertsGhana$ 15,000Greece2 cruise ships to house homeless, 2,000 face and body towels, relief supplies, and rescue crewsGeorgia$ 50,000Guatemala80 specialists from Army, health, and interior departmentsGuineaPledged $ 500,000Honduras134-member medical and rescue brigade; mayor of capital, Tengucigalpa, offers a similar groupHungary$ 5,000IcelandPledged $ 500,000 to Bush-Clinton Katrina FundIndia$ 5 million22-ton shipment of supplies (tarps, blankets, personal-hygiene kits and sheets), medical teams with experience in waterborne diseases, offer to set up water purification plantsIndonesiaPledged $ 25,000Medical team of 45 doctors and 155 other staff, 10,000 blanketsIraq$ 1 millionIreland$ 1 millionIsraelSending medical team, offering hundreds of doctors, trauma experts, and other medical staff, as well as a field hospitalItaly300 cots, 300 blankets, 600 sheets, a water pump, 6 life rafts, 11,200 chlorine tablets, first-aid kits, and baby foodJapan$ 200,000 cash, $ 1.5 million in private donationsKenya$ 100,000 to the Bush-Clinton Katrina FundKosovo$ 500,000Kuwait$ 100 million$ 400 million in oilLaos$ 25,000LatviaA disaster-relief team, financial aid, blankets, bottled waterLiberiaPledged $ 100,000LithuaniaPledged 10,000 EURescue teams, meals, building materialsLuxembourg2 jeeps, 1,000 cots, 2,000 blanketsMacedoniaPledged $ 300,000Malaysia$ 1 million via Red CrossMaldives$ 25,000MaltaPledged $ 12,000Marshall Islands$ 10,000Mauritania$ 200,000 from the American-Mauritanian Business CouncilMexicoGovernment set up bank accounts to collect donations, which reached $ 1 million so far45 truckloads of supplies, health brigades, water-treatment plants, mobile kitchens with capacity to feed 7,000 people a day, search-and-rescue team, Navy ship carrying food, amphibious vehicles, helicopters, and a medical team.MongoliaPledged $ 50,000MoroccoPledged $ 500,000NamibiaPledged $ 100,000 worth of canned fishNepalPledged $ 25,000The NetherlandsA frigate with water, medicine, helicopters, and beds; offered 3 giant water pumps, expertise in dike and water engineering, and forensic identification helpNew Zealand$ 1.4 millionOffered to send an urban search-and-rescue team, a disaster vistim identification team, or recovery personnelNicaraguaFlooding and sanitation expertsNigeriaPledged $ 1 millionNorway$ 1.54 million12,000 blankets, Navy divers, first-aid kitsOrganization of Amercan States$ 25,000PalauPledged $ 50,000, another $ 50,000 from donor drivePalestinian Authority$ 10,000 via Red CrossPakistan$ 1 millionDoctors and paramedicsPanamanearly 120,000 pounds of bananas (turned down)Papua New Guinea$ 10,000Peru80 to 100 doctors with expertise in tropical diseases and disasters; U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld requested Peru instead send medical supplies; Peru will try to comply.The PhilippinesPhilippine Red Cross donating $ 25,000Government offers 25-person relief teamPortugalLending 2 percent of its strategic oil reserve, equivalent to 500,000 barrels of oilQatarPledged $ 100 million in humanitarian assistanceRomania2 teams of medical experts, tentsRussia3 transport planes with generators, food, tents, tents, blankets, drinking water, and medical supplies.RwandaPledged $ 100,000Samoa Pledged $ 10,000 Sao Tome and PrincipePledged $ 18,000Saudi ArabiaPledged $ 100 million from Aramco, $250,000 from Agfund, $5 million via Red CrossOffers to increase oil production to replace shortfalls caused by KatrinaSenegalPledged $ 100,000Singapore3 CH-47 transport helicopters and 38 soldiersSlovak RepublicWater purification gear, cots, water, 25,000 blankets, 500 camp beds, 1,000 first-aid kits, more than 20,000 fluid ounces of liquid soapSlovenia780 blankets, 250 camp beds, 250 mattresses, 2,000 first-aid kitsSouth Korea$ 30 million in government and civilian assistanceSending search team and relief suppliesSpainFirefighters and equipment, medical staff, search-and-rescue expertise, tents, ctos, blankets, water treatment units, heating equipment, meals, water, generatorsSri Lanka$ 25,000SwedenTelecommunication equipment and technicians, first-aid kits, blankets, meals, generators, plastic sheeting, 2 water purification units and instructors, aircraft ready for immediate employmentSwitzerlandBlankets, 50 tons of aid supplies, 2 logistics experts from the Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation, 2 doctors and 2 water specialistsTaiwan$ 2 millionMedical SuppliesThailandAt least 60 doctors and nurses, supplies of rice, pledged 3 tons of canned cornTogoPledged $ 100,000Trinidad & TobagoPledged $ 2 millionLocal Red Cross sending 10-15 relief workersTunisiaBlankets, sheets, relief suppliesTurkeyPledged $ 1.5 million via Red CrossUruguay2 mobile water purification units and 2 tons of powdered milkUnited Arab Emirates$ 100 millionTents, clothing, and foodUgandaPledged $ 200,000UkrainePledged $ 2 million covering transport for Dutch water pumpsVenezuelaPledged up to $ 1 millionVietnamPledged $100,000YemenPledged $100,000

Sources: Department of State, Associated Press,
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