What America Must Do

America's relationship with the world is in disrepair. Anger, resentment, and fear have replaced the respect the United States once enjoyed. So, we asked a group of the world's leading thinkers to answer one question: What single policy or gesture can the next president of the United States make to improve America's standing in the world?

Step on the Gas
By Kenneth Rogoff

Holy Orders
By Reza Aslan

A Table for Thirteen
By Philip Stephens

Open the Door to Damascus
By Jessica T. Mathews

The China Syndrome
By Yang Jianli

Lend Them Your Ear
By Newt Gingrich

A Woman's Worth
By Kavita Ramdas

End the Embargo
By Nadine Gordimer

Unrepentant Power
By Jorge I. Dominguez

Travel to Tehran
By Dmitri Trenin

Steady as She Goes
By Fouad Ajami

Say You're Sorry
By Desmond Tutu


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