Failed States



Year: 2013 2012 2011 2010
Complete Results Methodology Rankings
RankTotalCountryDemographic PressuresRefugees/IDPsGroup GrievanceHuman FlightUneven DevelopmentEconomic DeclineDelegitimization of the StatePublic ServicesHuman RightsSecurity ApparatusFactionalized ElitesExternal Intervention


Some areas on the map are colored gray because they were not included in the analysis.

Each year's Failed States Index analyzes how countries performed during the previous year, e.g., 2013's index measures countries' performance in 2012.

The Fund for Peace only includes recognized sovereign states based on U.N. membership in the Failed States Index. The Palestinian territories "are included as part of the assessment of Israel, since international law places governance responsibilities on the occupying power."

In the above map, red (Critical) corresponds with scores of 80 or higher, orange (In Danger) corresponds with scores of 70-79.9, yellow (Borderline) corresponds with scores of 50-69.9, light green (Stable) corresponds with scores of 30-49.9, and dark green (Most Stable) corresponds with scores lower than 30.