2012 Election Poster 4

The List

8 Ways the World Has Changed Since Obama's Election

With Election Day finally upon us, it's worth reflecting on what a difference four years makes.

Ty McCormick |

Rational Security

Passive Aggression

Why do so few politicians challenge America's emphasis on military action?

John Arquilla |


The Real Takeaways From Monday's Debate

Five experts weigh in on how the candidates measure up.

Kenneth Lieberthal |

Election 2012

What Else Is On?

Why the foreign policy debate just can't get at the real differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Michael A. Cohen |

Just Kidding

Game Change: China Edition

What if American political reporters covered the Chinese horse race?

Isaac Stone Fish |

The List

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Classic presidential foreign policy campaign gaffes.

John Norris |

The List

The All-Time Top 10 Debate Moments on Foreign Policy

From Soviet gaffes to talking snowmen, the highlights from presidential elections past.

Uri Friedman |

Daniel Altman

Mr. 3.75 Percent

Paul Ryan wants to cut federal discretionary spending to the level of Equatorial Guinea. Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds.

Daniel Altman |

Slide Show

Madam President?

While Barack Obama was off fighting to keep his job, Hillary Clinton was busy in New York doing it.

Slide Show |

Budget Wars

Bipartisan Bloat

If there's one thing that Obama and Romney agree on, it's more military spending. Too bad they're both wrong.

Christopher Preble |


America, the Insecure

Hey, America: You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Thoughts from across the pond on the U.S. obsession with exceptionalism.

Alex Massie |


What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

Mitt Romney shouldn't shy away from a fight on foreign policy. He can win it.

Jamie M. Fly |


What’s $2 Trillion Among Friends?

Romney criticizes Obama's defense plan, but the real problem is his own running mate.

Lawrence Korb |

David Rothkopf

Town of Secrets

How classified information became Washington’s currency of choice.

David Rothkopf |

David Rothkopf

Too Much Baggage

Mitt Romney needs to fire his foreign-policy team. Yesterday.

David Rothkopf |

Reality Check

Warning: Turbulence Ahead

Mitt Romney has a point: Barack Obama is no Israel-lover. And if the president wins a second term, expect a major clash with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Aaron David Miller |


Tea, Taxes, and the Revolution

The Founding Fathers would revolt if they saw America’s tax burden today.

Grover G. Norquist |

Reality Check

The Enemy in Foggy Bottom?

Fine, Secretary Romney is a bad idea. But there are plenty of good reasons that presidents should cross the aisle when picking a secretary of state.

Aaron David Miller |

Reality Check

Barack O'Romney

Ignore what the candidates say they'll do differently on foreign policy. They're basically the same man.

Aaron David Miller |


President Paul

Ron Paul maybe a long shot in November, but he's America's best bet on foreign policy.

Michael Scheuer |


Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment

North Korea's impending nuclear test is just the latest illustration of Barack Obama's weakness and naiveté abroad.

Richard Williamson |

Behind the Numbers

Romney’s Hill to Climb

If Romney thinks he can beat Obama on foreign policy, he's going to have to do a whole lot more than just criticize the president.

Scott Clement |


The Zero Man

Obama’s greatest obstacle to re-election isn’t Mitt Romney, or rising gas prices: It’s Ben Bernanke.

Heleen Mees |


Pushing Back

President Barack Obama's advisors fire back at Mitt Romney.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


Hollow Threats

Mitt Romney's aggressive harangues about China don't scare us. And does he really want to pick a fight with a nation of 1.3 billion people?

Hu Xijin |

Behind the Numbers

Persian Mathematics

Despite the Republican claims that Obama's Iran policy is weak-kneed, the American public generally supports his wait-and-see approach. That is, of course, unless it doesn't work.

Scott Clement |


The Politics of Sorry

Six stations on the road to forgiveness -- and why there's no harm in President Obama apologizing to Afghanistan.

Karl E. Meyer |


Not-So-Super Tuesday

The real winner of the Republican primary is Barack Obama.

Ruy Teixeira |