Middle East Poster 4


Smart Sanctions

Actually, Obama's Iran policy is working great.

Alireza Nader |


Don't Give Up on the Arab Spring

Why America did the right thing in Libya -- and freedom will eventually win.

Shadi Hamid |


Assad's Massacre Strategy

The Syrian leader believes that a campaign of mass murder will be his path to victory. Is he right?

Hassan Hassan |


Don't Pity the Nation

Syria's crisis may be spillling over into Lebanon, but Hezbollah and its rivals are perfectly capable of screwing up the country on their own.

Mitchell Prothero |


Brother Knows Best

How Egypt's new president is outsmarting the generals.

Steven A. Cook |


Breaking the Arab News

Egypt made al Jazeera -- and Syria's destroying it.

Sultan Al Qassemi |

The New New Normal

The Arabian Horse

Can Egypt's economy deliver on the revolutionary promise of a better future for all?

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Learning to Live With the Islamist Winter

What to make of the historic election results in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya -- and how the United States should respond.

Tamara Cofman Wittes |


Stay Out of Syria

Foreign intervention to topple Bashar al-Assad's bloody regime risks a fiasco on par with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Joshua Landis |


Once More Unto the Breach

Egypt's battered revolutionaries can't decide if they're winning -- or on the verge of a historic defeat.

Sarah A. Topol |


The Ayatollah Is No Joke

What's behind Iran's cartoon crackdown?

Roland Elliott Brown |


Sleepless in Jerusalem

Egypt's presidential elections are keeping Israeli officials awake at night. Will their most important Arab friend soon be an enemy?

Oren Kessler |


Lebanon's Little Syria

Bashar al-Assad's enemies and allies are battling it out in the flashpoint city of Tripoli.

Emile Hokayem |


Prison Island

Bahrain has badly botched its local version of the Arab Spring. And there seems to be no way out.

Tom Malinowski |


Power Play

Egypt may think it struck a blow against Israel by canceling a gas deal between the two countries. But all it really did was shoot itself in the foot.

Robin M. Mills |


Tortured Justice

Bahrain’s leaders talk a good game about reform, but protesters in the streets still face unremitting brutality.

Brian Dooley |


So You Want to Be Jerusalem Bureau Chief…

How to tackle -- and not tackle -- the most delicate assignment in journalism.

Ron Kampeas |


Mock Homs at Your Own Risk

The epicenter of Syria's revolt has long been the butt of jokes. But Homs may get the last laugh.

Omar Adam Sayfo |


Ultra Violence

How Egypt’s soccer mobs are threatening the revolution.

James M. Dorsey |


Egypt’s Revolutionary Narrative Breaks Down

With Hosni Mubarak long gone, a heavily Islamist parliament in place, and the military in uneasy command of the country, who speaks for the revolution?

Lauren E. Bohn |


Supremely Irrelevant

Iran tried to take advantage of the Arab Spring. It failed, miserably.

Colin H. Kahl |


FP Expert Survey: The Arab Spring

One year later, how has the Arab world changed?

Lois Farrow Parshley |


A Forward Strategy of Freedom

It's neither perfect nor pretty, but the Arab Spring proves that neoconservatives were right all along.

Elliott Abrams |


All Silk Roads Lead to Tehran

Sanctions aren't the answer. If Washington is serious about building a new economic and security architecture across South and Central Asia, it can’t avoid working with Iran.

Neil Padukone |


Interview: Dennis Ross

Washington's guru of Middle East peace talks to Foreign Policy about whether Obama's Iran policy will backfire -- and why the Palestinian push for statehood could wreck the United Nations.

Benjamin Pauker |


One Fine Day in Liberation Square

One year ago, Egyptians took to the streets in protests that shocked the world, and changed the course of the entire Middle East.

Ashraf Khalil |


A Tale of Two Diasporas

Iraqi exiles were gung-ho to overthrow Saddam. So why are Iranian-Americans so keen on dialogue with the mullahs who rule Iran?

Reza Marashi |


The Iraqi Revolution We'll Never Know

Imagine for a moment that the United States never invaded Iraq. Would the Arab Spring have toppled Saddam anyway?  

Michael Wahid Hanna |


False Flag

A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.

Mark Perry |