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Pakistan's Bid for Tolerance

A tour of 35 towns throughout the country in an investigation of civil society's capacity to counter Talibanization.

Waleed Ziad |


Losing the War of Perception

Tuesday's massive coordinated attacks in Kabul show that Afghan security has a long way to go. And Afghan civilians are right to be worried.

Simon Klingert |


The LWOT: 9/11 plotters to be tried at Guantánamo

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

Andrew Lebovich |


The General Wants Back into His Labyrinth

Pakistan's former military leader has announced he's returning from exile and wants his old job back. Here's what he would do differently -- and why he wouldn't want Hamid Karzai as his counterpart next door.

Laura Wells |


Cozying Up to the Taliban

In recent months, humanitarian groups in Afghanistan have begun to cooperate much more closely with the Taliban to deliver their services. Is that a bad thing?

April Rabkin |


The New Lost Generation

Suicide rates for troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are out of control, and post-traumatic stress disorder is reaching epidemic proportions. But is the Pentagon willing to tally the true cost of war?

Ron Capps |


Zardari's Katrina

Why is Pakistan’s president junketing while his people drown?

Fatima Bhutto |


Afghans Can Win This War

The fight in Afghanistan is difficult, but with a strategy that fully empowers the Afghan people to defeat the Taliban, it is still winnable.

Yahya Massoud |


Stop Panicking About the Stingers

The WikiLeaks war logs only confirmed what we already know: The Taliban simply doesn't have the firepower to wreak havoc on Afghanistan's skies.

Matthew Schroeder |


Crazy Like a Fox

In a fit of anger, Hamid Karzai axes his director of intelligence, Amrullah Saleh. But is there method to his madness?

Elizabeth Rubin |


Drone Wars

The Obama administration won't tell the truth about America's new favorite weapon -- but that doesn't mean its critics are right.

C. Christine Fair |

Photo Essay

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…

Record stores, Mad Men furniture, and pencil skirts -- when Kabul had rock 'n' roll, not rockets.

Mohammad Qayoumi |


Kandahar Through the Taliban's Eyes

As the U.S.-led coalition attempts to retake Afghanistan's critical southern provinces, they should first attempt to look at the conflict from their enemies' perspective.

Greg Mills |


Afghanistan's Might-Have Been

Former presidential hopeful Abdullah Abdullah tells Washington that supporting Hamid Karzai and doing right by Afghanistan aren't the same thing.

Steve Coll |


Interview: António Guterres

From Darfur to Afghanistan, the U.N.’s point man on refugees says, the world’s conflicts are getting “more worrisome and more difficult to solve.”

Elizabeth Dickinson |


How to Cut Collateral Damage in Afghanistan

Rein in the Special Forces cowboys, and let Gen. McChrystal call the shots.

Marc Garlasco |


Bargaining With the Devil

How should Barack Obama deal with evil?

Robert Mnookin |


Dead Terrorists Tell No Tales

Is Barack Obama killing too many bad guys before the U.S. can interrogate them?

Marc A. Thiessen |

Photo Essay

Afghanistan's Ultimate Sport

What do you call men on horses fighting over a headless goat carcass? Buzkashi -- Afghanistan's national sport, which also just happens to be a powerful metaphor for the country's politics.

Kayvan Farzaneh |


Groundhog Day in Afghanistan

Day after day, political crisis after political crisis, Afghanistan persists in going nowhere.

Whitney Haring-Smith |


Kabuki in Kabul

Wait, did Hamid Karzai actually want the Afghan parliament to reject his cabinet?

Jean MacKenzie |


'Langley Won't Tell Us'

How I fought the intelligence turf wars -- and lost.

Ron Capps |

In Box

Epiphanies: Ashraf Ghani

Afghanistan's first postwar finance minister has now set his sights on reforming the country from the ground up, calling out his former boss, President Hamid Karzai, for corruption and failure. Here, the poetry-loving Pashtun speaks with FP about his troubled homeland's past and future.

David Kenner |

Briefing Book

How to Whip the Afghan Army Into Shape

Much of President Barack Obama's strategy rests on the creation of a new, more competent Afghan military. Here's what he'll need to know to get the job done.

Mark Moyar |


Lessons from America's Other Counterinsurgency

The United States and Colombia have been testing out COIN strategies for years. But the major lesson for Afghanistan is a tough one: there are no clean answers in messy wars.

Adam Isacson |


How al Qaeda Dupes Its Followers

Osama bin Laden's terror network has perfected the art of masking its unpopular agenda with a recruitment pitch that can hook just about anyone.

Malcolm Nance |


How We Invaded Afghanistan

Thirty years ago this month, Soviet airborne troops parachuted into Kabul and began a fateful occupation that became Mikhail Gorbachev’s Vietnam. Here’s the inside story of how it happened, as told by the KGB general who planned it.

Oleg Kalugin |


No More Representatives, Please

The last thing we need is a new big shot envoy in Kabul.

Nick Horne |