The Linchpin

Why India needs to be at the center of the U.S. pivot to Asia.

Tim Roemer |


The Name's Bond, Larry Bond

Meet the man who inspired Tom Clancy and The Hunt for Red October.

Michael Peck |

The List

Found: Bibi's Missing Cartoon Posters on Iran's Nuclear Threat

Imagining a presentation full of Benjamin Netanyahu's strangest metaphors for the menace posed by Tehran.

Ty McCormick |

Terms of Engagement

'Everyone Is Scared of ISIS.'

Can anyone stop the radicalization of Syrian rebels?

James Traub |


The D.C. Socialite vs. 'The Grill Sergeant'

When the Pentagon tried to save its awful TV channel, it called in Washington's most infamous TV producer-turned-party-thrower.

Gordon Lubold |

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The World in Photos This Week

Riots in Athens; a shooting in Washington, D.C.; a bull mauls a photographer in Spain; and the giant yellow duck makes its Taiwan debut.

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Marc Lynch

Trench Warfare

The sectarian and political camps across the Arab world are violently divided on Syria. Could a U.S. bombing campaign bring them together?

Marc Lynch |

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The World in Photos This Week

Horsemen ride in Spain; protestors take to the streets in Mexico, Bahrain, and Indonesia; and yoga on the beaches of England. 

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The Sindex

Which country is the drunkest of them all? The laziest? The fattest? FP investigates.

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In Box

Geoengineering: A Short History

How hacking the climate came to be seen as our least worst option for averting a global climate catastrophe.

Ty McCormick |

The New New Normal


The IMF is offering 20th-century solutions for a 21st-century economy.

Mohamed A. El-Erian |

Photo Essay

Burma Illuminated

Scenes of a changing Myanmar.



Things Fall Apart

As the body count rises in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood insists it will stick to non-violent resistance. But even its members admit that they can't convince everyone to go along with the plan.

Ned Parker, David Kenner |

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The World in Photos This Week

Egypt descends into chaos; India and Pakistan celebrate their independence days; and a new, cuddly carnivore is discovered.

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Speaking with the Enemy

What Ho Chi Minh can teach us about bringing peace to Afghanistan.

Lawrence Korb |

Dept Of Secrets

The Secret History of the U-2

A just-released CIA report pulls the covers off America's most famous spy plane -- and Area 51.

Jeffrey T. Richelson |


Out in the Open

Why America needs to declassify its foreign policy.

Sen. Bob Corker |


The Land of the Sinking Sun

Is Japan’s military weakness putting America in danger?

Philippe de Koning |


Egypt's Perfect Storm

A power-hungry general, defiant Islamists, and massive protests have set the stage for a showdown in Cairo.

Sophia Jones |


Rumble in the Jungle

Can anyone unseat Hun Sen's dictatorship by democracy in Cambodia?

Michael Sainsbury |


Silent Shuttle

If John Kerry wants to make peace in the Middle East, he's going to need some Kissinger mojo.

Bruce van Voorst |

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The World in Photos This Week

Pope Francis draws crowds in Brazil; Spain mourns following a devastating train crash; and royal baby George meets the world.

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Collision Course

The U.S. and India are headed for a trade war over immigration and protectionism. Can it be stopped before it's too late?

Frank Wisner |


Wash Out

Mali's presidential vote is scheduled for the absolute worst time -- and Paris is to blame.  

Eamonn Gearon |


The Supreme Court May Be the Best Hope to Stop the NSA

Congress couldn't draw back the surveillance dragnet. But the justices might.

Shane Harris |


A Terrorist by Any Other Name

The E.U. finally decided to designate Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Why won't the U.N.?

Benjamin Weinthal |



Can David Cameron hold back the flood of porn from Britain's shores?

Alex Massie |

Daniel Altman

Winter Is Coming ... to the World Cup

Can switching up seasons save the 2022 tournament in Qatar?

Daniel Altman |