Regulating the Resource Curse

How a small change by the SEC could prevent war, decrease corruption, and help developing countries fight Big Oil.

Jeff Colgan |


Magical Thinking

A rare look inside Swaziland's mysterious annual kingship ceremony and brewing protest movement.

Nellie Bowles |


The Meles Inheritance

Ethiopia's late dictator antagonized his country's Muslims for years. His successors may pay for it.

Mohammed Ademo |


Murder in Marikana

Jacob Zuma might survive the Marikana tragedy. But can South Africa survive Jacob Zuma?

Roy Robins |

Obit Desk

The Meles Zenawi I Knew

Ethiopia's late dictator was a complex and sophisticated leader -- a self-taught ex-guerrilla who brought his people economic growth and repression.

Barry Malone |

By Other Means

The Pivot to Africa

Circumcision, mosquito killing, and other strange doings of Africom.

Rosa Brooks |


Let Them Hunt

If President Obama is serious about wanting to apprehend Joseph Kony, he's got to unleash the dogs of war.

John Prendergast |


The Woman Who Got Inside the Dictator's Head

Mugabe biographer Heidi Holland was a unique force among southern African journalists -- independent and fierce, but understanding.

Eve Fairbanks |


Failed States Index

The troubling ambiguity of FP's rankings. Plus: Finland comes in last for once.

Adrienne Klasa |


South Africa's Retail Politician

Jacob Zuma has charm, but is anyone still buying what he's selling?

Roy Robins |


You Say You Want a Revolution

Before there was Pussy Riot, there were the Plastic People of the Universe. An FP List of musicians who took on their governments -- and became historical icons.

Charles Homans |


Our Man in Kigali

For years, Rwanda's budding dictator, Paul Kagame, has gotten away with murder, while winning praise (and billions of dollars) from the West. But is the blind support for this strongman finally drying up?

Anjan Sundaram |

Slide Show

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Rwanda's president brought his country back from the horrors of genocide, but a career full of dirty tricks may see the West's love affair with Paul Kagame over.

Katie Cella |


Smokeless Stoves, Girl-Friendly Schools, and the Bloc That Wasn’t

Academic economists usually air their new ideas first in working papers. Here, before the work gets dusty, a quick look at transition policy research in progress.

Peter Passell |


Money Pit on the Potomac

Why is the Pentagon spending billions on breast cancer research?

John Norris |

The New New Normal

The Arabian Horse

Can Egypt's economy deliver on the revolutionary promise of a better future for all?

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


A Country with Fourteen Psychiatrists

Libya is trying to build a new democracy. But that's a tall order for a society plagued by bad memories.

Portia Walker |


Alan Boswell's White Whale

Enough Project responds to criticism of its South Sudan advocacy.

Jonathan Hutson |


Stopping Mali from Becoming Somalia

The United States needs to prevent Mali from turning into another failed state in the heart of Africa.

Witney Schneidman |


Africanistan? Not Exactly

The dangers of international intervention in Mali.

Gregory Mann |


Just What the Doctor Ordered

Public health activists and pharmaceutical companies are finally joining forces to help developing countries get access to low-cost drugs.

Roger Bate |

Christian Caryl

Plague of Thugs

Why Mideast dictators use hoodlums to suppress dissent.

Christian Caryl |


Hope But No Change

Why has President Obama abandoned the one country in Africa he promised to help?

Mvemba Phezo Dizolele |


Not Quite the Holy Grail

The changing global picture of foreign direct investment.

Peter Passell |


Lost City

After a week of wanton destruction, is the legendary city of Timbuktu finally coming to an end?

Peter Chilson |

Slide Show

Shrines into Stones

Images of the disappearing treasures of Timbuktu's ancient landmarks as militants bomb them into rubble.

Slide Show |


Dereliction of Duty

A new U.N. report has highlighted Rwanda's responsibility for continuing conflict in the Congo. Washington's inaction is an outrage.

Jeffrey Tayler |


The Failed State Lobby

Inside the bizarre moral campaign by Washington politicians, NGO do-gooders, and celebrities to create an independent South Sudan -- whether it's a disaster or not.

Alan Boswell |

Slide Show

Death in the Nuba Mountains

The brutal regime in Khartoum has a new weapon more deadly than bombs: hunger.

Trevor Snapp |