The Jihadi from the Block

In the war for the heart of northern Mali, the real fear isn’t al Qaeda, it’s the criminals and fundamentalists lurking just around the corner.

Peter Tinti |


Lessons Learned from Kenya's Election

Kenya’s general election wasn’t perfect -- but it was peaceful. Here’s why.

Kristin M. Lord |


Mali's Bad Trip

Field notes from the West African drug trade.

Andrew Lebovich |


Kenya's Most Wanted

The United States must find a way to work with its East African ally, even if it's run by an accused perpetrator of crimes against humanity.

Suzanne Nossel |


Doctor in a Desperate Land

Why an American has chosen to bind his life to Sudan.

Jeffrey Bartholet |


Speak Softly and Let Others Carry the Big Stick

The problem with the 'light footprint' approach to U.S. military policy.

Jonathan Morgenstein |


Mad Money

Why foreign aid is at the heart of civil war in Congo.

Anjan Sundaram |


Our Experience in Luvungi

International Medical Corps responds to Laura Heaton's investigation of mass rape in a small Congolese town.

Micah Williams |


Alone in the Desert

How Camus explains France's troubling intervention in Mali.

Robert Zaretsky |


Preventing the Next Mali

Why Washington can’t just sit by and let another full-fledged war break out in Sudan.

John Prendergast |

The List

Democracy’s Backward March

The six countries where freedom is fading fastest.

Elias Groll |

In Box

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Democracy is in retreat. And there's a surprising culprit.

Joshua Kurlantzick |

In Box

Frontier Markets: A Short History

How second-generation emerging markets became today's hottest investment story.

Ty McCormick |


Epiphanies from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Nigeria's finance minister on resource curses, African growth, and why America shouldn't be so smug about corruption.

Joshua E. Keating |

In Box

The Things They Carried: The Congolese Rebel

Maj. John Imani Nzenze, an M23 rebel commander, reveals what's in his camouflage backpack. 

Anjan Sundaram |


What Happened in Luvungi?

On rape and truth in Congo.

Laura Heaton |

Slide Show

On the Stump with Kenya's Leading Man

As Kenya's election nears its climax, an intimate look at candidate -- and prime minister -- Raila Odinga on the campaign trail.

Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin |


The Fall and Rise of Raila Odinga

In Kenya's contested election, the tortured past of family dynasty is alive but not quite well.

James Verini |


Let Them Eat Subsidies

The Obama administration could revolutionize aid and save billions -- if only Congress would stand up to the farm lobby.

John Norris |

Lab Report

The Kenya Puzzle

In Kenya, progress and dysfunction go hand in hand.

Daniel Branch |

Slide Show

Slumdog Politics

Photos from Mathare, one of Nairobi's sprawling slums, where warlords, witches, and drug dealers stump for votes ahead of next month's election.

Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin |


Vote M for Murder

In Kenya, politics is simply the continuation of war, by other means.

James Verini |


Uncharitable Organizations

Islamist groups are bankrolling terror groups across the Middle East and pretending it's aid work.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross |


Stand with Rwanda

Now is no time to cut aid to Kigali.

Tony Blair |

Christian Caryl

What George W. Bush Did Right

The 43rd president of the United States did a great thing for humankind -- but most Americans have no idea.

Christian Caryl |


Inside the Islamic Emirate of Timbuktu

An exclusive trove of al Qaeda documents found in this fabled city shows a theocracy in the making in Mali.

Harald Doornbos |


Cracks at the Core

It's not jihadists who are threatening to destroy Mali -- it's a massive culture of government corruption.

Tristan McConnell |


The Other Resource Curse

Moving away from fossil fuels could be devastating for some of the world's poorest countries.

Michael Levi |


Death Comes Quietly in Mali

It’s not Islamic radicals or war that’s killing the poor people of the Sahel. It’s something far simpler.

Anna Badkhen |

Slide Show

On the Warpath with France's Avant-Garde

Following in the footsteps of the French military advance in Mali.

Fabio Bucciarelli |