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Putting the Islamic State Over a Barrel

The United States and its allies are ramping up efforts to strangle the terrorist group's main source of income, though it's still unclear just how much oil the Islamic State pumps and sells.

Keith Johnson |


Iraq's Dubai Hits the Pause Button

With the Islamic State on their doorstep, Kurdish leaders have scaled back their once grandiose ambitions to focus on ensuring the survival of their enclave.

Jane Arraf |


Longform's Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.

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Why I Still Believe in the Arab Spring

Everyone talks about the "failure" of the Arab revolts that began in 2011. But the story isn't over yet.

Iyad el-Baghdadi |


The Gangs of Iraq

Marauding pro-government militias are using the fight against the Islamic State as a pretext to destroy Sunni Arab communities across the country.

Tirana Hassan |


Remember What They Died for on the Maidan

Yes, the fight for democratic values is hard -- especially now. But that's no reason to give up.

Srdja Popovic |


Lawyers, Guns, and Mujahideen

Inside Syria’s sharia court system.

Maxwell Martin |


Questioning the Faith in the Cradle of Islam

In Saudi Arabia, a new generation is pushing back against the government’s embrace of fundamentalism. But is the kingdom ready for nonbelievers?

Caryle Murphy |


Why Is Bahrain Outsourcing Extremism?

The Bahraini government has been working overtime to crush pro-democracy activists. But what about followers of the Islamic State?

Ala'a Shehabi |


Royals Flush?

Why Egypt, of all places, is keeping a wary eye on falling oil prices.

Keith Johnson |