Arab World


Morsy Is the Arab World's Mandela

Why we must stand and support the Muslim Brotherhood's fight for democracy.

Tawakkol Karman |

Marc Lynch

The Gift

How the Arab Spring turned out to be a win for al Qaeda.

Marc Lynch |


Portrait of the General as a Not-So-Young Grad Student

Egypt's army chief isn't an Islamist -- in fact, his work at the U.S. Army War College suggests he may be a Mubarak clone.

Eric Trager |

David Rothkopf

The Real Risks

Prison breaks, the embassy shut down, and an al Qaeda comeback all reveal one thing: we're still handling the terror threat wrong.

David Rothkopf |


How We Lost Yemen

The United States used the Pakistan playbook on Yemen's terrorists. It didn't work.

Gregory D. Johnsen |


Blue-Eyed Jihad

An exclusive conversation with European radicals fighting for an Islamic state in Syria.

Harald Doornbos |

Marc Lynch

Performance Enhancing Debate

How the Ryan Braun scandal explains Egyptian Revolution punditry.

Marc Lynch |


Death Spiral

In trying to save Egypt, the military and the Brotherhood may end up destroying it.

Ned Parker |


'What Happened Today Was a War Crime'

In the wake of the massacre at the Islamist sit-in, supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy count their dead and prepare for the next round of violence.

Sophia Jones |


Egypt's Perfect Storm

A power-hungry general, defiant Islamists, and massive protests have set the stage for a showdown in Cairo.

Sophia Jones |


Death on the Nile

In a small Egyptian town, a corpse washes ashore. And then things get really ugly.

Ned Parker |

Marc Lynch

As Good As It Gets

Why Washington's policy toward Cairo is pretty spot on (except for a few things).

Marc Lynch |

Daniel Altman

Winter Is Coming ... to the World Cup

Can switching up seasons save the 2022 tournament in Qatar?

Daniel Altman |


Breaking: Every Military Option in Syria Sucks

Intervention could cost a billion per month, top officer tells senators.

Gordon Lubold |


Go Big or Go Home

If the United States wants its Middle East mojo back, it's going to have to pay to play.

Daniel Byman |


Is Kerry Right to Put Peace First?

Forget Egypt and Syria. Israel-Palestine is still issue No. 1 in the Middle East.

Shibley Telhami |

Terms of Engagement

The Technocrats and Tahrir

Egypt's new rulers have $12 billion to spend. Can they make enough economic progress to stave off disaster?

James Traub |

Christian Caryl

Mob Rule

Why organized crime is a growing force in world politics.

Christian Caryl |


How Morsy Could Have Saved Himself

To avoid defeat, try magnanimity in victory.

Tarek Masoud |


Echoes of Nasser

Nearly 60 years ago, Egypt's generals tried to crush the Muslim Brotherhood. It didn’t go well.

Steven A. Cook |


The Moroccan Model?

Morocco has a chance to become a regional leader on economic reform. But it still has a way to go.

Dalibor Rohac |


Watching Cairo from Sanaa

As Egypt reels, Yemenis wonder: Will the revolution spill over again?

Adam Baron |


Al Jazeera's Awful Week

How the voice of Arab freedom became a shill for Egypt's Islamists.

Sultan Al Qassemi |

Marc Lynch

Money to Meddle

Can the wealthy powerbrokers of the Persian Gulf create the Egypt they want?

Marc Lynch |


Beaten into Submission

Is violence the only way Egypt knows how to deal with Islamists?

Fatemah Farag |


Cairo's Forever War

The day after a massacre, Egypt's Islamists settle in for a long fight.

Evan Hill |

Reality Check


Why does Washington still think it can control what happens in Egypt?

Aaron David Miller |


The New Arab Awakening

Why Middle East moderates need to seize the opportunity in Egypt to craft a new political movement.

Anwar Gargash |


Shot in the Back

Eyewitnesses describe a deadly rampage in Cairo.

Evan Hill |

Christian Caryl

Blood in the Streets

Massacring unarmed protestors is more common than you might think -- and governments often get away with it.

Christian Caryl |