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Egypt's Perfect Storm

A power-hungry general, defiant Islamists, and massive protests have set the stage for a showdown in Cairo.

Sophia Jones |


Death on the Nile

In a small Egyptian town, a corpse washes ashore. And then things get really ugly.

Ned Parker |

Marc Lynch

As Good As It Gets

Why Washington's policy toward Cairo is pretty spot on (except for a few things).

Marc Lynch |

Daniel Altman

Winter Is Coming ... to the World Cup

Can switching up seasons save the 2022 tournament in Qatar?

Daniel Altman |


Breaking: Every Military Option in Syria Sucks

Intervention could cost a billion per month, top officer tells senators.

Gordon Lubold |


Go Big or Go Home

If the United States wants its Middle East mojo back, it's going to have to pay to play.

Daniel Byman |


Is Kerry Right to Put Peace First?

Forget Egypt and Syria. Israel-Palestine is still issue No. 1 in the Middle East.

Shibley Telhami |

Terms of Engagement

The Technocrats and Tahrir

Egypt's new rulers have $12 billion to spend. Can they make enough economic progress to stave off disaster?

James Traub |

Christian Caryl

Mob Rule

Why organized crime is a growing force in world politics.

Christian Caryl |


How Morsy Could Have Saved Himself

To avoid defeat, try magnanimity in victory.

Tarek Masoud |


Echoes of Nasser

Nearly 60 years ago, Egypt's generals tried to crush the Muslim Brotherhood. It didn’t go well.

Steven A. Cook |


The Moroccan Model?

Morocco has a chance to become a regional leader on economic reform. But it still has a way to go.

Dalibor Rohac |


Watching Cairo from Sanaa

As Egypt reels, Yemenis wonder: Will the revolution spill over again?

Adam Baron |


Al Jazeera's Awful Week

How the voice of Arab freedom became a shill for Egypt's Islamists.

Sultan Al Qassemi |

Marc Lynch

Money to Meddle

Can the wealthy powerbrokers of the Persian Gulf create the Egypt they want?

Marc Lynch |


Beaten into Submission

Is violence the only way Egypt knows how to deal with Islamists?

Fatemah Farag |


Cairo's Forever War

The day after a massacre, Egypt's Islamists settle in for a long fight.

Evan Hill |

Reality Check


Why does Washington still think it can control what happens in Egypt?

Aaron David Miller |


The New Arab Awakening

Why Middle East moderates need to seize the opportunity in Egypt to craft a new political movement.

Anwar Gargash |


Shot in the Back

Eyewitnesses describe a deadly rampage in Cairo.

Evan Hill |

Christian Caryl

Blood in the Streets

Massacring unarmed protestors is more common than you might think -- and governments often get away with it.

Christian Caryl |


As Egypt Roils, Israel Watches

As the streets of Cairo erupt in chaos, Jerusalem wonders if the military can set things right again.

Oren Kessler |


Cairo's Charm Offensive

Why Egypt's islamists are kissing up to the army that's gunning them down.

Evan Hill |


It's Time to Work With Egypt's Generals

In a turbulent time, Cairo's military is the best friend the United States has got.

Martin Indyk |

Marc Lynch

Downfall in Cairo

Morsy is out. The military is in. But it doesn't look good for anyone.

Marc Lynch |


Our Friend in Cairo

Why does President Barack Obama persist in supporting Mohamed Morsy -- and not the protesters?

Ted Cruz |


The Man on Horseback

Egypt's top general holds the fate of the country in his hands, but even the Army may not be able to restore order in Cairo.

Robert Springborg |

David Rothkopf

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Street protests are no match for elites and inertia.

David Rothkopf |

Christian Caryl

Running from the Arab Spring

Syria isn't the only place with a refugee problem.

Christian Caryl |


The Middle East Plague Goes Global

A scary virus is sweeping Saudi Arabia. Six million religious pilgrims are about to descend on the country from across the world. The result could be disastrous.

Laurie Garrett |