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Terms of Engagement

Nation-Building in the Classroom

Has President Obama given up too soon on hopes for fixing Afghanistan?

James Traub |

Christian Caryl

Why the Killing in Syria Is Just the Beginning

The international community’s failure on Syria limits its power to act against the even bigger bloodletting that’s likely to happen down the road.

Christian Caryl |


The Egyptian Revolution Through Mubarak's Eyes

Insider accounts are shedding new light on the 18 days that brought down a pharaoh.

David Kenner |


Fund Syria’s Moderates

We can’t say that helping the Syrian rebels didn’t work, because it has never really been tried.

Robin Yassin-Kassab |


Party in the KSA

Behind high walls, the kingdom's restrictive Islamic laws don't apply.

Ahmed Al Omran |


Syrian Purgatory

As winter clutches northern Syria, thousands displaced by the civil war take cold comfort in a temporary tent city.

Steven Sotloff |


There's No App for Syria

Why did Apple ban a game on the Syrian civil war?

Michael Peck |


Responsibility to Object

It's time for the U.N. Security Council to do something about war crimes in Syria.  

David Kaye |


No Surrender

The Syrian president’s speech at the Damascus Opera House shows that he still thinks he can win this war.

Emile Hokayem |

Christian Caryl

The Year in Unfreedom

An encouraging number of the world's people voted in 2012. But voting does not a democracy make.

Christian Caryl |


The Palestinian Implosion

Salam Fayyad's bold effort to build Palestinian institutions could soon collapse -- unless Israel and the United States spring to action.

Ziad Asali |


The Year the Arab Spring Went Bad

Hopes for a democratic Middle East have faltered amid sectarian animosities and ideological divisions. Did it have to be this way?

F. Gregory Gause, III |

The List

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2013

From Turkey to Congo, next year's wars threaten global stability.

Louise Arbour |


Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong

In rural Yemen, a botched attack on a terror suspect kills 12 civilians and destroys a community.

Letta Tayler |


From Bread Lines to Front Lines

In the latest phase of Syria's civil war, civilians have become the targets.

Steven Sotloff |

The List

The World War on Christmas

Five places where Santa really does have to watch his back.

Elizabeth F. Ralph |


The Mess We Left Behind in Libya

While Washington is busy fighting over a report, Benghazi is descending into chaos. 

Mary Fitzgerald |


Zero Farce Thirty

The man who nearly stopped 9/11 tells FP why Kathryn Bigelow's movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden gets it wrong.  

Ty McCormick |

Christian Caryl

Nothing Is Written

The triumph of democracy isn't inevitable. It has to be fought for.

Christian Caryl |


Syria's Time Is Running Out

The country tears itself further apart with each passing day. This is the moment to do something about it.

Frederic Hof |


'These Guys Are Thugs'

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei speaks exclusively to Foreign Policy on the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's political crisis.

David Kenner |


Keeping the Light On

Celebrating Hannukah with the last Jews in Egypt.

Ben Gittleson |


Beating the Brotherhood

Egypt's long-suffering opposition is fighting back against the Islamist government. But can they get their act together in time?

Evan Hill |


Don't Blame Obama for Syria

What's happening in Syria is a tragedy. But John Hannah needs to recognize that the civil war was never ours to win or lose.

Aaron David Miller |


The Brothers and the Gulf

Why the Muslim Brotherhood has Gulf leaders worried -- now more than ever.

Sultan Al Qassemi |


After Abbas

The Palestinian president will either be toppled from his throne, or die on it. And that may be Hamas's chance to pounce.

Jonathan Schanzer |


Assad's War on the Red Crescent

Aid workers are caught in the crossfire of Syria's bloody revolt.

David Kenner |

David Rothkopf

The Fierce Urgency of Now

The case for short-term thinking.

David Rothkopf |