Central Asia


Fire on the Mountain

How many Tibetans have to burn themselves before the Chinese care?

Tsering Woeser |


No Teacher Left Behind

The good news is that more kids are in school, and for longer, than ever before. But if we want them to actually learn something, it's time to focus on the teachers.

Charles Kenny |

The List

Riding the Dragon

From the Norwegian Coast Guard to Israeli drone technicians, 8 surprising winners of China's massive military buildup.

Trefor Moss |


Hoping Against All Hope

Tibetans are setting themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. So is there anything the leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile can do about it?

Sudip Mazumdar |

Slide Show

5-Star Hotels in 1-Star Countries

Enjoy your stay at the Serena Hotels, where plush lodgings meet deadly warzones.

Slide Show |

Christian Caryl

Rude Awakening

Promoting democracy in places like Egypt or Iraq is about changing the status quo. So why are we so surprised when it turns out that not everyone is in favor?

Christian Caryl |


Being Strong

Why Russia needs to rebuild its military.

Vladimir Putin |


Waiting for Spring

If the Middle East is your yardstick, the countries of Central Asia ought to be on the verge of revolution. But don't hold your breath.

Scott Radnitz |


Steady Strides

The deaths of rioters in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, are regrettable -- but the country's march toward democracy moves on.

Yerzhan Kazykhanov |


Will There Be a Central Asian Spring?

Kazakhstan may not be ripe for revolution, but the West is making the same mistakes it made in the Arab world.

Joanna Lillis |


All Silk Roads Lead to Tehran

Sanctions aren't the answer. If Washington is serious about building a new economic and security architecture across South and Central Asia, it can’t avoid working with Iran.

Neil Padukone |

Terms of Engagement

Threats and Promises

Do Obama’s red lines with Iran and others really mean “or else”?

James Traub |

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8 Geopolitically Endangered Species

Meet the weaker countries that will suffer from American decline.

Zbigniew Brzezinski |

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War Dogs, Boomtowns, and Dead Dictators

Foreign Policy’s most popular photo essays of 2011.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


Obama Should Apologize

The facts are in: NATO forces mistakenly killed Pakistani soldiers. It’s time to swallow American pride and say we’re sorry.

C. Christine Fair |

Kremlinology 2012

The Condomnation of Vladimir Putin

Russia’s embattled ruler meets his public.

Julia Ioffe |

The Optimist

Change Afghanistan Can Believe In

10 years later, life isn't just better -- it's much better.

Charles Kenny |


Northern Distribution Nightmare

Tensions in Pakistan are running high. So, to resupply U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Washington’s having to cut deals with some very unsavory regimes.

David Trilling |

Kremlinology 2012

Election Hardball, Kremlin Style

In advance of Sunday's parliamentary ballot, the pro-Putin camp is cracking down hard on independent election monitors.

Julia Ioffe |

Kremlinology 2012

Putin and the Boo-boys

A new wave of anti-Putin sentiment is sweeping Russia, but with the once-and-future president still loved by more than two-thirds of the population, there's little hope for change.

Julia Ioffe |


The Elements' Armistice

Weather dictates the rhythm of nearly everything in rural Afghanistan, including war.

Anna Badkhen |


War Outside the Frame

It's not Restrepo. The conflict in northern Afghanistan has no running time.

Anna Badkhen |


Kisses for Karimov

Uzbekistan's dictator is another Qaddafi-in-waiting. Realism is one thing, but the United States can't be afraid to call the devil by his name. 

Tom Malinowski |


Crime Scene

The violence in northern Afghanistan today is so complicated that even Afghans have trouble untangling its roots.

Anna Badkhen |


Twitter vs. the KGB

Can social media save a journalist in trouble in a place like Kyrgyzstan?

Natalia Yefimova-Trilling |

The List

America's Unsavory Allies

A look at the some of the bad guys the U.S. still supports.

Uri Friedman |


City of the Future

Karachi is violent, unhealthy, and unequal. Is that so bad?

Steve Inskeep |


Lord of War

The appearance of Viktor Bout, the so-called "Merchant of Death," in a Manhattan courtroom this week represents a milestone in the long battle to stop the black market arms trade.

Colum Lynch |

Kremlinology 2012

Meet the New Putin, Same as the Old Putin

As the de facto president seeks to reassure foreign investors, it's clear that everyone's a little on edge.

Julia Ioffe |

Kremlinology 2012

Twilight of a Seat-Warmer

Medvedev's worst week ever just keeps on going.

Julia Ioffe |