Central Asia


We Need an Indian Civilian Surge

The United States is still struggling to bring stability to Afghanistan. Why not ask India to help?

Richard Fontaine |

Terms of Engagement

An Unnecessary War

Afghanistan used to be the central front in the war against terrorism. Now it's a distraction from it.

James Traub |


Robert Kaplan's New Global Geography

In Monsoon, our latter-day Kipling makes the case that America can't rule the whole world alone.

Blake Hounshell |


Kill Screen

Is the new crop of hyperrealistic military video games driving home the reality of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, or simply exploiting them?

Matthew Shaer |

The List

The Son Also Rises

On Sept. 27, Kim Jong Un was named to a lofty post in North Korea's army, presumably in preparation to succeed his father as the country's ruler. FP looks at the world's autocrats-in-training who are waiting to take over their fathers' regimes.

Joshua Keating and Charles Homans |


War by Other Means

President Obama is taking some heat for incorporating U.S. domestic politics into his Afghan war strategy. He would be negligent not to.

Stephen Biddle |


Why Russia Matters

Ten reasons why Washington must engage Moscow.

James F. Collins |

Small Wars

This Week at War: Is Mexico's Drug War Doomed?

Learning to live with drug cartels -- and killer robots.

Robert Haddick |


The "Hearts and Minds" Guys

The United States never did understand the Vietnamese 40 years ago -- and should do everything possible to avoid making the same mistake in Afghanistan today.

Roger Cranse |


Between Uzbekistan and a Hard Place

After deadly violence against Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan, President Islam Karimov seemed to embrace the flood of refugees back home. When, then, did he boot them out immediately?

Ilan Greenberg |


Fear and Loathing in Central Asia

How Russia plans to use a previously obscure international organization to reassert its control over its "near abroad."

Leland R. Miller |


Straight Outta Kandahar

What soldiers fighting the Taliban can learn from cops policing American inner cities.

Gretchen Peters |


Imprisoned Beliefs

Forget re-education camps for terrorists. Jailed extremists in Pakistan are kept in isolation -- from anyone who might change their mind about waging jihad.

Rania Abouzeid |

The List

Good Times in Really Bad Places

Looking for a thrill on your next vacation? Here are seven resort destinations that are anything but tame.

Benjamin Pauker |


Can Kyrgyzstan Become a Democracy in Russia's Backyard?

While no one was looking, this Central Asian country just adopted the most liberal constitution in the region. Will Moscow let it live?

Charles Recknagel |


The Consumption Gap

They thought Asia would save the world economy. They were wrong.

Stephen S. Roach |


The Long Emergency

Barack Obama's administration is taking an expansive, ambitious approach to global health. Does that mean giving up on combating HIV/AIDS?

Elizabeth Dickinson |


Don't Feed the Bear

Going soft on the terms of Russia's WTO accession is bad for everyone.

David Christy |

Failed States

The Worst of the Worst

Bad dude dictators and general coconut heads.

George B.N. Ayittey |


Chinese Takeout

Cold economic realities dictate that China is going to be the big player in the new Afghan gold rush -- and Washington had better wake up to that fact, soon.

Aziz Huq |


From Land Mines to Copper Mines

Will Afghanistan's mineral wealth rescue the country from decades of instability and poverty? It just might -- and here's how.

Michael L. Ross |


Crazy Like a Fox

In a fit of anger, Hamid Karzai axes his director of intelligence, Amrullah Saleh. But is there method to his madness?

Elizabeth Rubin |


Drone Wars

The Obama administration won't tell the truth about America's new favorite weapon -- but that doesn't mean its critics are right.

C. Christine Fair |


The Russian Game

Why is the Kremlin meddling in international chess elections?

Carl Schreck |


The Land of Perpetual Revolution

What's really happening in Kyrgyzstan.

Philip Shishkin |


An Awkward Celebration in Moscow

Victory Day felt a little stranger than usual this year. That could be a good sign for Russia's ability to confront the ambiguities of its past.

Julia Ioffe |


Manas Hysteria

Why the United States can't keep buying off Kyrgyz leaders to keep its vital air base open.

Alexander Cooley |


How Not to Run an Empire

Ignoring human rights in favor of stability is backfiring not just in Kyrgyzstan, but all over Central Asia -- big time.

Tom Malinowski |


Blood in the Streets of Bishkek

My two days running with the mob in Kyrgyzstan.

Ben Judah |