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What Does China Mean by 'Rule of Law'?

It's more Confucianism than constitutionalism.

Carl Minzner |

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'If We Lose This, We Lose Everything'

After thousands of pro-democracy protesters clash with police, compromise in Hong Kong looks increasingly unlikely. 

Suzanne Sataline |


K Is for Kim Jong Un

Suki Kim's memoir about teaching in an elite North Korean school run by evangelical missionaries highlights the dangers and absurdities of life in a closed society.

Isaac Stone Fish |


No, the U.S. Doesn't Have Plans to Nuke North Korea

Where did the idea for a "nuclear umbrella" come from, anyway?

Jeffrey Lewis |

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Chinese Doubt Their Own Soft Power Venture

They think Confucius Institutes are a waste of money.

Lotus Ruan |

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How to Buy Banned Chinese Books on Alibaba

Customers and vendors use an elaborate system of code words and end runs on Taobao, Alibaba's massive digital marketplace.

Shujie Leng |

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How a Video of Police Brutality Is Dividing Hong Kong

City residents are alleging censorship and misinformation after a clip of police beating a handcuffed protester went viral.

Grace Tsoi |

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Hong Kong Showdown

Pro-democracy protests enter a nasty new phase following a violent pre-dawn police raid.

Suzanne Sataline |

Christian Caryl

Sorry, Eric X. Li, Democracy Is Not the Problem

Hong Kong's pro-democracy activists aren't radicals or revolutionaries. But that's what Beijing wants you to believe.

Christian Caryl |


How I Dealt With China's Book Censors

One Western author shares his struggle to keep a text true to history.

Joseph W. Esherick |

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The Movement That Changed Hong Kong: A Timeline

A day-by-day account of the pro-democracy protests that have turned the once apolitical city on its ear.

Shujie Leng |

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How to Take Great Photos While Surrounded by Chinese Smog

A tongue-in-cheek article from Chinese media offers tips to aspiring photographers.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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Hong Kong Protesters Are Digging In

Pro-democracy demonstrators are fortifying barricades with wood, bamboo, even cement.

Suzanne Sataline |

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'A New Era for Hong Kong'

The city government's wait-and-switch may only galvanize protesters, experts say.

David Wertime |

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Hong Kong's Sour Deal

China and Britain made a pact that's still undermining governance in the former colony.

Dalena Wright |

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'Hong Kong, What Does the Motherland Really Owe You?'

A viral Chinese article argues that Hong Kong should be grateful to the mainland -- or else.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


The Umbrella Movement Playlist

Stirring, profane, always authentic: Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests have developed a rich musical culture.

Doug Meigs |

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Hong Kong's Wild Protest Art

It's spontaneous and participatory -- and the state can't control it.

Alexandra A. Seno |

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China Bans Law-Breaking Actors From Movies and Television

A powerful regulatory agency says it's upholding "socialist culture and core values."

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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China's Vast, Strange, and Powerful Farming Militia Turns 60

The government entity, colloquially called the 'Bingtuan,' employs almost 12 percent of everyone in Xinjiang.

Alexa Olesen |

The List

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Protest Here

What Hong Kong's Occupy Central can learn from the Tahrir Square uprising.

Mahmoud Salem |


You Should Still Be Scared of Pyongyang

Five reasons a quiet North Korea is still a deadly North Korea.

Joel S. Wit |


Where Hong Kong Hits Home

Singapore watches its twin city from afar, and considers its own future.

Grace Chua |


How the Hong Kong Protesters Can Win

Over a century's worth of data shows that the Umbrella Revolution needs business, satire, and a whole lot of patience.  

Maria J. Stephan |

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Why China's President Wants to Save Hong Kong, Not Destroy It

To secure his own legacy, Xi Jinping has every reason not to send tanks into the city.

George Chen |

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The Great Divide

Chinese with different views of Hong Kong's protests can't even agree on the words to use.

Ran Liu |