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China, From Within: Tibet's Drug Problem, and Taiwan's New Gambling Islands

A week of news the West missed from the world's most populous country. 

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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Sex Scandals and Victim-Blaming Bedevil Chinese Universities

Professors are harassing students, then facing surprisingly light punishment.

Tom Baxter |

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Thank You, but We Prefer the Salt Monopoly

Chinese netizens fear that the end of government control will only bring more food scandals.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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A 'System Bitch' Dissents

Internet vitriol greets a Chinese state media employee who questions the party line.

Alexa Olesen |


A Government, Sinking

Why South Koreans can't get over the Sewol ferry disaster.

S. Nathan Park |

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The Invisible Candidate in Taiwan's Elections

The island will soon choose over 11,000 local officials. Here's why mainland China will be watching.

Chris Fuchs |


North Korea, Open for Business

Life in Rason, a special economic zone far from the police state in Pyongyang, is ... well ... almost normal.

Rudiger Frank |


Vladimir Putin Hates the TTIP

Which is exactly why Europe and America need to get it done.

James Stavridis |

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Fresh Scandal at China's Most Notorious Technical School

Lanxiang is known for training beauticians, chefs -- and hackers. Now it's back in the headlines.

Alexa Olesen |


A Day Late and a Degree Short

Will the U.S.-China climate deal actually do anything to stop rising global temperatures?

Claire Casey |


China and the United States Are Preparing for War

Despite the Obama-Xi handshake deal, the probability of confrontation will only heighten as long as the PLA remains a black box.

Michael Pillsbury |


One Cheer for the Climate Deal

The landmark deal won’t cut China’s emissions for more than a decade, and it’s going to be tough for the U.S. to meet its requirements. But it's a good start.

Kate Galbraith |

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Why Is Beijing Downplaying the Supposedly Huge Climate Change Deal?

Obama called the agreement "historic." Chinese state media yawned.

Alexa Olesen |


Kim Jong Un's Tin Can Air Force

North Korea's drones are cheap, small, and poorly made. That's exactly why they're so dangerous.

Van Jackson |

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The Mountains Are High and the Emperor Is Far Away

Who do Hong Kong's netizens blame for the city's distress?

Douglas Yeung |

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'Having a Second Kid Isn't as Simple as Adding Another Pair of Chopsticks'

As Beijing loosens the reins on family planning, why aren't more Chinese choosing to have a second child?

Alexa Olesen |

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Putin Hits on China's First Lady, Censors Go Wild

Russia’s Don Juan-in-chief  just got a little too friendly with Xi Jinping's wife.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


Xi's Just That Into You

Moscow and Beijing shake hands on another mammoth energy deal that could ease Russia's isolation, power China, and bring the two closer together.

Keith Johnson |

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China's Silk Road Strategy

Xi Jinping's real answer to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Min Ye |

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'The Sky Is Really Blue, But It Isn't for Us'

Chinese netizens wonder why the air in Beijing is only clean when important foreigners come to town. 

Lotus Ruan |


Xi's in the Money

Asian countries are wary about Beijing's growing power, and happy that America has made a forceful stand in the region. But China still brings home the bacon.

Richard Wike |

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Let Them Eat Fish

How Hong Kong's fisheries and other interest groups dominate the city's Beijing-backed political system.

Suzanne Sataline |

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Don't Show Me the Money

Macau's casinos are taking a hit from China's sweeping anti-corruption crackdown.

Alexa Olesen |

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‘Indefinite Resurrection’

Who are the Umbrella Movement protesters remaining on the streets of Hong Kong? 

Ellie Ng |


If You Want Rule of Law, Respect Ours

China's ambassador to the United States on the problems with American elections, Obama's trip to Beijing, and fighting the Islamic State. 

Isaac Stone Fish |


A New Type of Great Power Dialogue?

What should Barack Obama and Xi Jinping talk about at APEC?

Hugh White |


How Obama Can Ride the Republican Wave

The president is desperately trying to help Democrats keep the Senate, but a GOP takeover could be just the thing he needs to finally push through key trade deals.

John Hudson |