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Hong Kong's Sour Deal

China and Britain made a pact that's still undermining governance in the former colony.

Dalena Wright |

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'Hong Kong, What Does the Motherland Really Owe You?'

A viral Chinese article argues that Hong Kong should be grateful to the mainland -- or else.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


The Umbrella Movement Playlist

Stirring, profane, always authentic: Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests have developed a rich musical culture.

Doug Meigs |

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Hong Kong's Wild Protest Art

It's spontaneous and participatory -- and the state can't control it.

Alexandra A. Seno |

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China Bans Law-Breaking Actors From Movies and Television

A powerful regulatory agency says it's upholding "socialist culture and core values."

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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China's Vast, Strange, and Powerful Farming Militia Turns 60

The government entity, colloquially called the 'Bingtuan,' employs almost 12 percent of everyone in Xinjiang.

Alexa Olesen |

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Abandon All Hope Ye Who Protest Here

What Hong Kong's Occupy Central can learn from the Tahrir Square uprising.

Mahmoud Salem |


You Should Still Be Scared of Pyongyang

Five reasons a quiet North Korea is still a deadly North Korea.

Joel S. Wit |


Where Hong Kong Hits Home

Singapore watches its twin city from afar, and considers its own future.

Grace Chua |


How the Hong Kong Protesters Can Win

Over a century's worth of data shows that the Umbrella Revolution needs business, satire, and a whole lot of patience.  

Maria J. Stephan |

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Why China's President Wants to Save Hong Kong, Not Destroy It

To secure his own legacy, Xi Jinping has every reason not to send tanks into the city.

George Chen |

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The Great Divide

Chinese with different views of Hong Kong's protests can't even agree on the words to use.

Ran Liu |


Hong Kong Pride

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest isn’t only about freedom. It’s also about identity.

Peter Rutland |

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Are Hong Kong's Protesters Getting Bamboozled?

Experts tell FP that Hong Kong's government is trying to divide protesters and play for time.

David Wertime |


How Will the Standoff in Hong Kong End?

Protesters and authorities both hold their ground, amid hopes of civil awakening -- and fears of another Tiananmen.

Nicholas Bequelin |

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London's Hong Kong Blunder

How the United Kingdom lost the loyalty of the island city's people.

Marcus W. Brauchli |


A Way Out of Crisis

Robust reform can seem impossible for governments mired in corruption. But the solution is pretty simple: Focus on policies, not politics.

Kristen Sample |

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No Umbrellas for China's Las Vegas

 A pro-Hong Kong student rally attracts hundreds, but Macau won’t risk angering Beijing.

Alexa Olesen |


'May the Flame You Carry Illuminate Your Way'

A Hong Kong professor's open letter to her boycotting students expresses hope -- and fear -- for their future.

Denise Y. Ho |

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'Today's Hong Kong, Today's Taiwan'

A Taiwan youth protest leader reacts to events rocking China's island city.

Lin Fei-fan |


'Their Only Option Is Independence'

Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer describes how Hong Kong is an inspiration to her people.

Isaac Stone Fish |

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They Can Take Our Freedom, But They Will Never Take Our Instagram

In the wake of China’s ban on the photo-sharing service, netizens are rushing to download software that lets them scale the Great Firewall.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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Are Hong Kong's Protests an Inspiration or a Danger? It Depends What You Read

Residents here are getting wildly divergent accounts of the same historic events.

Rachel Lu |


We Have Much to Celebrate

Beijing's ambassador to the United States on how a strong and rising China is good for the world.

Cui Tiankai |

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The People Behind Hong Kong's Protests

A Christian minister, a law professor, and a 17-year-old high school student are among the figures behind a movement that has captivated the world.

Grace Tsoi |

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Benny Tai: Hong Kong Protests 'Beyond What I Imagined'

Foreign Policy interviews a key figure behind Hong Kong's recent civil disobedience.

Grace Tsoi |

Slide Show

Hong Kong's Protest, in Memes

A selection of the most powerful remixed images coming from the island city.

Shujie Leng |