East Asia


How Not to Win Friends and Influence People

China's heavy-handed behavior is driving neighbors, especially Australia, farther away from its orbit.

Keith Johnson |


Godzilla Ain't Got Nothin' on China

21st-century East Asia is a dangerous neighborhood. Japan can no longer afford to be unprepared.

Kuni Miyake |


There's No Partnership in Pivot

If the United States is going to shift focus to Asia it’s going to have to do it without Europe.

Stephen M. Walt |


The Untold Story of China's Forgotten Underground Nuclear Reactor

How social media and a little sleuthing turned up a Mao-era nuclear program.

Jeffrey Lewis |


And the City Swallowed Them

A model, a murder, and the seamy underbelly of 2008 Shanghai.

Mara Hvistendahl |

Tea Leaf Nation

'The Anti-Japanese War Had Nothing to Do With Your Most Honorable Party'

Some Chinese may really hate Japan -- but that doesn't mean they love the Party.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


In Defense of Baijiu

What Foreign Policy got wrong about China's most popular drink.

Derek Sandhaus |

Tea Leaf Nation

Changing the Chinese Embassy's Address to Liu Xiaobo Plaza Is a Silly Idea

It's a distraction. Besides, there are better ways to support human rights in China.

Isaac Stone Fish |

Slide Show

Nothing to Celebrate

Ten countries where freedom doesn't ring.

Freedom House |


How the Mighty Have Fallen

An interactive timeline of recently ousted high-ranking officials in China.

David Barreda |

Tea Leaf Nation

Chinese Censors Just Had Their Busiest Day of the Year

It was more active even than June 4, and proof that Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests have spooked Beijing.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


One Billion Drinkers Can Be Wrong

China's most popular spirit is coming to the U.S. Here's why you shouldn't drink it. 

Isaac Stone Fish |

Tea Leaf Nation

Inside China's Blackest Box

Even high cadres quake at the term ‘shuanggui,’ an extra-judicial interrogation method that has claimed lives.

David Wertime |

Tea Leaf Nation

'There Are No Rules in China'

When dissident author Murong Xuecun returns home, he says he will tell Beijing authorities they can come and get him.

Alexa Olesen |


How the Pivot to Asia Could Ruin American Soccer

German-Americans raised on U.S. bases in soccer’s Fatherland have carried the team to the Round of 16. Can our Asian allies really produce the soccer stars of tomorrow?

Kevin Bleyer |

In Box

We Don't Need No Education

Thought control in the classroom is real -- and it works.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


Pyongyang Express

Why is North Korea so pissed off about the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy caper?

Victor Cha |


If Japan Wanted to Build a Nuclear Bomb It'd Be Awesome at It

But let's all take a deep breath: Tokyo may be dumb, but it's not stupid.

Jeffrey Lewis |


The Mogul Takes Manhattan

China’s most eccentric tycoon just made New York’s homeless sing for their supper. Then he did magic tricks.

Isaac Stone Fish |


The Participation Gap

Why the problem of inequality isn’t just about differences in income.

Devin Stewart |

Tea Leaf Nation

Chinese Media: Beware American 'Cultural Products'

'Dark Knight' and 'Cloud Atlas' are part of an 'ideological struggle.' Who knew?

David Wertime |

Tea Leaf Nation

Hey Beijing, Is that a Map in Your Pocket?

Chinese web users debate what their new map might resemble. Cough.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

Tea Leaf Nation

'Let 1.3 Billion Vote'

What would really happen if Chinese citizens could cast ballots in Hong Kong's referendum?

David Wertime |


Dishonest Abe

Why we should be worried about the Japanese prime minister's move to amend the constitution.

Bruce Ackerman |

Tea Leaf Nation

China's Multibillion-Dollar Pastime

World Cup fever has led to a lucrative sports betting market there, with occasionally deadly outcomes.

Alexa Olesen |

Tea Leaf Nation

The President that China Never Had

Netizens are using a Korean film about late president Roh Moo-hyun as a subtle form of protest.

David Wertime |


Underrated by Design

FIFA's system has made Japan and Korea the sleeper teams in this World Cup -- just like last time.

Daniel Altman |

Tea Leaf Nation

Leaning In -- to Chinese Corruption

Looks can be deceiving. In China, official bribery -- even exchanging sex for power -- is still too normal.

Alexa Olesen |

Tea Leaf Nation

Is China Losing its 'Last Fair Path' to Prosperity?

Citizens may be losing faith in what looked like the last bastion of equal opportunity.

Rachel Lu |