Eastern Europe


Off with Their Heads

Has Vladimir Putin lost control of his “corruption crackdown”?

Simon Shuster |

Christian Caryl

Barbarians at the Gate

Are Russia and China trying to take over the Internet? Probably. But so far they aren't having much luck.

Christian Caryl |


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The revenge of the Soviet military.

Celeste A. Wallander |


The Migrant Money Machine

The developed world could make a big difference to the global economy simply by helping migrants to do what comes naturally: send money home.

Peter Passell |


Can You Save Diplomacy From Itself?

Carne Ross's quixotic crusade to help emerging nations get their seat at the table.

Cristina Odone |

The List

The New Breakout Nations

Forget the BRICs. Meet seven unheralded countries to watch.

Ruchir Sharma |



Britain's Conservatives are rolling out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin's wealthy oligarchs.

Michael Weiss |


Don't Go There

Why President Barack Obama should not visit Russia.

Leon Aron |


The World Is Not Enough

Why does the planet's No. 1 spy never go to the really dangerous places?

Frank Jacobs |

Christian Caryl

The Corruption Pandemic

Why corruption is set to become one of the defining political issues of the 21st century.

Christian Caryl |


Resetting the Reset

The United States needs to decide whether to treat Russia as a marginal global actor or an asset in America's global strategy.

Dmitri Trenin |


Prosperity Isn't Just a Matter of Wealth

Man does not live by GDP alone. An introduction to the Legatum Institute's latest Prosperity Index.

Peter Passell |


The Collaborator's Song

We often ask why some people choose to resist authoritarian regimes. But the better question might be why so many decide to cooperate.

Anne Applebaum |


Strategic Misdirection

Are the latest U.S. moves on missile defense making it less safe?

Tom Z. Collina |


Beware the Tyranny of the Mob

The growing insecurity of religious and ethnic minorities is one of the biggest problems arising from the Arab Spring. But much can be done to protect them.

Jamsheed Choksy |


The Malaise in Ukraine

The business community is fed up with President Yanukovych's corruption and management. Is real change on the horizon?

Anders Åslund |


Bar Nunn

The U.S. and Russia never really cured their nuclear mistrust. And now it's come back.

Jeffrey Lewis |


How the Russian 'Reset' Explains Obama's Foreign Policy

The president's naivete about Vladimir Putin is the root cause of his failure.

Douglas J. Feith |


Return of the Czech Communists

Vaclav Havel is turning over in his grave.

James Kirchick |


Of Myths and Missiles

What Les Gelb gets wrong about the Cuban missile crisis.

Stephen Sestanovich |

Christian Caryl

The Big Bang Theory of Education

Authoritarian countries don't seem to be doing well at the knowledge business. That's probably no accident.

Christian Caryl |

In Other Words


The son of a Red Army intelligence officer sent to die in a Siberian gulag discovers his father's KGB file, and a cottage industry of children-of-spies memoirs.

Peter Buck Feller |

Think Again

Think Again: The BRICS

Together, their GDP now nearly equals the United States. But are they really the future of the global economy?

Antoine van Agtmael |



How foreign audiences saved Tinseltown.

Stephen Galloway |


These 7 Countries

The rise of China and India has long since become a cliche. In fact, neither country has done all that well since the crash of 2008 -- but these emerging powerhouses have cleaned up.

Joshua E. Keating |

The List

The 50-50 Club

Why pundits love splitting the difference on their predictions.

Lois Farrow Parshley |

In Box

The Myth That Screwed Up 50 Years of U.S. Foreign Policy

It's time to set the record straight about John F. Kennedy's handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

Leslie H. Gelb |


Putin's Miscalculation

It was a big mistake to pick on a pregnant human rights activist. The world must hold whoever was responsible to account.

Kenneth Roth |


The New Titan of Tbilisi

Eccentric billionaire (and exotic-pet enthusiast) Bidzina Ivanishvili just won a shock election in Georgia. But is he too crazy to actually govern?

Shaun Walker |


In Defeat, Georgia's President Confounds his Critics

Mikheil Saakashvili's conciliatory reaction to his party's loss in the election seems to prove his critics wrong. Now let's see if the winner can do as well.

James Kirchick |