Daniel Altman

The Euro Is Killing Europe

From Cyprus to Portugal, the common currency has been a disaster.

Daniel Altman |


Egypt's Financial High Noon

Cairo needs to tackle its subsidy addiction. And yes, it’s not going to be easy.

Isobel Coleman |


The Clown Prince Across the Water

Could Boris Johnson actually end up as Britain's prime minister?

Alex Massie |


The Best of All Possible Bailouts

Don’t listen to Paul Krugman (and definitely don’t listen to Vladimir Putin). The European plan is Cyprus’s best chance for recovery.

Anders Aslund |


Phasing Out

Time for Obama to scuttle the plan to shoot down non-existent Iranian ICBMs.

Tom Z. Collina |

Christian Caryl

The Tangled Tale of Malaysia's Dirty Battleground State

How an ex-British prime minister’s sister-in-law, a headhunter’s grandson, dodgy PR firms, and a Malaysian kingpin are colliding in a fight over the future of democracy.

Christian Caryl |

The List

Democracy’s Backward March

The six countries where freedom is fading fastest.

Elias Groll |

In Box

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Democracy is in retreat. And there's a surprising culprit.

Joshua Kurlantzick |

The New New Normal

Going South

They've helped bail out southern weaklings. Now Europe's northern countries may be doomed too.

Mohamed A. El-Erian |


Help Wanted: Must Be Infallible

A job description for the next pope.

Joshua E. Keating |


Against the Tides

As Pope Benedict XVI says his final farewells, how will Germans remember one of their own?

Malte Lehming |


Stuck in the Swamp

Italy’s election has produced an ungovernable political wasteland. Can anyone rise above the muck?

Gianni Riotta |


Vatican Insider

Though rumors of gay scandal are swirling around Pope Benedict’s retirement, it’s larger concerns that will test the Vatican as the Conclave begins.

Paolo Mastrolilli |

The List

The Skeletons in Benedict's Closet

A guide to the sex abuse scandals under Pope Benedict XVI's watch.

Elias Groll |


Circus Maximus

The upcoming Italian election has everything a casual observer could want. But Italians themselves might not be so lucky.

Gianni Riotta |


Putin Declares War on Sleaze

Vladimir Putin is vowing to make a dent in the eternal Russian problem of corruption. Skepticism is warranted.

Anna Nemtsova |

FP Explainer

Ice Removal

How easy is it to fence $50 million worth of stolen diamonds?

Scott Andrew Selby |


House of Cards Is a House of Cards

Why can't Americans do political intrigue like the Brits?

Emma G. Keller |


Don't Fear the Migrants

What America really needs to worry about is when they stop coming.

Frank Jacobs |


White Smoke

An insider's guide to choosing the new pope.

Daniel Williams |


Scotch This Plan

Scotland’s decaying capital city shows why this country is not ready for independence.

Richard J. Williams |


The Case for TAFTA

Why Obama's call for a free trade agreement between the United States and Europe could be a game-changer.

Kati Suominen |


On a Military Wing and a Prayer

Europe thinks it can separate Hezbollah's political activities from its terrorist operations. But the Party of God isn't built that way.

Matthew Levitt |


Gay Paris

What has taken France so long to step up to the altar of equality?

Eric Pape |


Bankrupting the World's Most Dangerous Charity

It's time to put Hezbollah out of business.

Ron Prosor |


The Wisdom of the Market

Forget politics and ideology. It's the Dow that should guide America's path to renewed prosperity.

Peter Blair Henry |


Europe's Hezbollah Problem

In the wake of the Bulgarian bombing investigation, will the European Union finally designate Hezbollah a terrorist group?

Benjamin Weinthal |

Christian Caryl

Martyrs of the Revolution

If history is any guide, today’s assassination in Tunisia could set off a dangerous revolutionary dynamic.

Christian Caryl |


Doomsday Preppers

At a new center in Cambridge, a philosopher, an astronomer, and a software pioneer are looking for ways to save humanity from itself.

Joshua E. Keating |


America’s Game

Why don't other countries like football?

Joshua E. Keating |