Latin America

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The World War on Christmas

Five places where Santa really does have to watch his back.

Elizabeth F. Ralph |

Christian Caryl

Nothing Is Written

The triumph of democracy isn't inevitable. It has to be fought for.

Christian Caryl |


The Nowhere Heir

Nicolás Maduro has risen to No. 2 in Venezuela by trying to stay invisible. If Hugo Chávez dies, will this former bus driver take the country off the cliff?

Peter Wilson |

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The Dark Side of Oscar Niemeyer

Brazil's most celebrated architect leaves behind a decidedly mixed legacy.

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The New Border: Illegal Immigration’s Shifting Frontier

As the net flow of immigrants from Mexico nears zero, violent and impoverished Central American countries have emerged as the fastest-rising source of illegal immigrants to the U.S.

Sebastian Rotella |


The Migrant Money Machine

The developed world could make a big difference to the global economy simply by helping migrants to do what comes naturally: send money home.

Peter Passell |


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

When the leaders of Mexico and the United States meet for the first time, they'll have a chance to make real progress on issues that have been stalled for decades.

Peter Hakim |


Can You Save Diplomacy From Itself?

Carne Ross's quixotic crusade to help emerging nations get their seat at the table.

Cristina Odone |


You Can Check Out Anytime You Like...

Why the Cuban government's new law relaxing travel restrictions isn't what it's reported to be.

Yoani Sánchez |


The Orangutan in a Tuxedo

The good news: Colombia is stable. The bad news: Colombia is stable.

James A. Robinson |

Christian Caryl

The Corruption Pandemic

Why corruption is set to become one of the defining political issues of the 21st century.

Christian Caryl |


It's the Brazilians, Stupid

Meet Brazil's James Carville -- and the other political consultants who are shaking up Latin America's electoral landscape.

Mac Margolis |


Land of the Lost

Latin Americans may prefer Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, but few believe either candidate will pay the region the attention it deserves.

Michael Shifter |


The Collaborator's Song

We often ask why some people choose to resist authoritarian regimes. But the better question might be why so many decide to cooperate.

Anne Applebaum |

Dept Of Secrets

Still 'Secret' After All These Years

Why do Pentagon securocrats continue to censor well-known, publicly available information?

William Burr |


The 9 Most Important Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis

Announcing the award-winning insights from our nation's closest brush with nuclear war.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


To Leave or Not to Leave

President Hugo Chávez’s victory in the presidential election has some Venezuelans wondering whether it's time to leave.

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez |

Dept Of Secrets

Cuba Almost Became a Nuclear Power in 1962

The scariest moment in history was even scarier than we thought.

Svetlana Savranskaya |


These 7 Countries

The rise of China and India has long since become a cliche. In fact, neither country has done all that well since the crash of 2008 -- but these emerging powerhouses have cleaned up.

Joshua E. Keating |

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Murder Most Foul

The world's 10 deadliest cities.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |

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El Jefe

A brief history of Chavismo.

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The Contest in Caracas

The Venezuelan election is too close to call. But one thing seems clear: No one expects Hugo Chávez to go down without a fight.

Peter Wilson |


No Exit

For the first time in many years, Venezuela’s presidential election is raising the possibility of an electoral defeat for Hugo Chávez. But if he loses, does that mean he’ll go?

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez |


Unsung Heroes

Some of the world's bravest dissidents are pursuing their fight against injustice with little attention from the outside world. But that doesn't mean they aren't worth knowing about. Here's a list of remarkable people who rarely make it into the headlines.

Tom Malinowski |


Venezuela's Magical Realist Voters

The key to next month's presidential election may well lie in the hands of a mysterious and nebulous bloc of swing voters.

Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez |


Finding the Right Take-Off Speed

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to transition economies. But slow and steady often wins the race.

Justin Yifu Lin |


Hugo and the Hereafter

Is Hugo Chávez's monstrous new mausoleum for his idol, Simón Bolívar, a hint that he may want to be buried there himself?

Peter Wilson |


You Say You Want a Revolution

Before there was Pussy Riot, there were the Plastic People of the Universe. An FP List of musicians who took on their governments -- and became historical icons.

Charles Homans |