Middle East


The Internet Is Not the Enemy

Global efforts to stop the Islamic State should not come at the expense of online freedom. Let the world see the depravity of their ideology.

Jillian C. York |


It's Not Washington's Fault

Not only is it wrong to blame the Islamic State's rise on the U.S. failure to secure a two-state solution -- it's also flat-out dangerous.

Aaron David Miller |


The Administration Goes All in on Kobani

Only days ago the Pentagon was saying that this small Syrian city might fall to the Islamic State. Now it's pulling out all the stops to save Kobani. 

Kate Brannen |


Barbarians at the Gates of Baghdad

How long can Iraq’s besieged forces hold out against the Islamic State?

Susannah George |


Get Ready for Iraq War IV

One of the most influential Army officers of the Iraq theater on why the United States seems destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

John A. Nagl |


Terrorists Among Us

Americans have good reason to be afraid of another attack on U.S. soil -- only it's not going to come from the Islamic State.

Micah Zenko |


This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Guns

Syria's moderate rebels are brawling among themselves in the streets of Turkey. And these are the people the White House wants to arm?

David Kenner |


Turkey Isn't Abandoning the Kurds

In fact, Ankara is offering them desperately needed medical and humanitarian help -- all as part of its effort to win public support in case the peace process with its own Kurdish insurgents falls apart.

Yusuf Sayman |


The Black-Market Battleground

Degrading and destroying ISIS could take place in the halls of auction houses, not the Pentagon.

Justine Drennan |


A Blunder Down Under

Australia is trying to combat homegrown terrorism. Sending 800 police officers and a helicopter after suburban wannabes isn’t how to do it.

Waleed Aly |


When the Ayatollah Said No to Nukes

In an exclusive interview, a top Iranian official says that Khomeini personally stopped him from building Iran's WMD program.

Gareth Porter |


Uncle Sucker to the Rescue

Washington is making all its favorite mistakes in (another) Iraq war.

Stephen M. Walt |


The One Muslim Country That Loves America Is Developing an Extremist Problem

Kosovars are traveling to the Middle East to fight the same U.S.-led forces that once helped secure their country’s freedom.

Valerie Hopkins |


Blackmail in the Buffer Zone

The U.S. needs Turkey to join the fight against the Islamic State. But Turkey won't do it without dragging the U.S. deeper into Syria's civil war.

Kate Brannen |


Fair Weather Friends

Seven years on, the United States is still failing the Iraqi and Afghan interpreters it once promised visas. And the rise of the Islamic State makes their plight more urgent than ever.

Whitney Kassel |


Exclusive: Washington Wants NATO Allies to Help Retrain the Iraqi Military

With the Islamic State pulling ever closer to Baghdad, the Obama administration believes rebuilding the shattered Iraqi military could require up to 1,000 foreign trainers from the United States and its top European allies.

Gopal Ratnam |


The Dark Knight Rises

For years Qassem Suleimani has been Iran's secret covert-ops puppet master. Why has he suddenly stepped out of the shadows?

Siobhán O'Grady |


'The Freedom Fight Has Returned to Turkey'

As Kurds head to the front lines to fight the Islamic State, they face a Turkish government attacking them from the rear.

Lauren Bohn |


The Footwear Doctrine

Grand strategy meets Timberlands.

Matt Bors |


The Obama Administration Has a Kiss-and-Tell Problem

In its excitement to trumpet the coalition against the Islamic State, the U.S. is outing partners before they're ready to go steady.

Gopal Ratnam |


What's Stopping Turkey From Saving Kobani?

Ankara can't seem to make up its mind about who's the bigger enemy: the Islamic State or the Kurds.

David Kenner |


The Curious Case of Moazzam Begg

As Britain grapples with what to do about citizens returning from Syria, a prominent terrorism case raises more questions than answers.

Ruth Michaelson |


The Iranian Sphere of Influence Expands Into Yemen

Shiite militias are running the show in Yemen and Tehran couldn't be happier.

Amal Mudallali |


'No One's Really in Charge' in Hostage Negotiations

Insiders and administration officials tell Foreign Policy that efforts to free Americans held by the Islamic State are uncoordinated, inconsistent, and crippled by bureaucratic infighting.

Shane Harris |


Wanted: A Coalition to Defeat the Islamic State and Assad

Halting the violent fracturing of the Middle East requires the U.S. and regional states to stop talking past each other.  

Manal Omar |


'Everybody Will Be Responsible if a Massacre Happens'

Kurdish officials say they have been betrayed by the Turkish government, which is preventing them from fighting the Islamic State in besieged Kobani.

David Kenner |


Fiddling While Kobani Burns

Turkey is talking tough about the Islamic State. But it’s still not ready for war.

Steven A. Cook |


The Women of Kobani

Fleeing the Islamic State militants, they’ve left behind not only their homes in Syria, but their husbands and sons who have stayed to fight.

Andrew Quilty |