Middle East


Waiting for the Tomahawks

How do Syria’s rebels feel about a U.S. bombing campaign against Assad?

Hania Mourtada |


Adrift in a Zéro-Polaire World

France's president was quick to promise military intervention in Syria. But will his country follow him into the fray?

Robert Zaretsky |


The Pen and the Sword

Egypt's foremost novelist on revolution, dentistry, democracy, and why the Muslim Brotherhood is a "terroristic, underground, armed group."

David Kenner |


Pushed on the Bandwagon

Obama's Syria plan forced AIPAC's hand.

Steven J. Rosen |

Micah Zenko

A Translation Guide to Foreign Policy Gibberish

Wondering what is meant by 'all options are on the table'? A spokesperson will 'look into that' for you.

Micah Zenko |

Daniel Altman

Dollars, Not Bombs

Can we bribe our way to peace in Syria?

Daniel Altman |

Reality Check

Making a Virtue Out of a Necessity

The four reasons it was inevitable that Obama would go to Congress on Syria.

Aaron David Miller |


Triage and Terror

A doctor reports from the front lines of Bashar al-Assad's war on civilians.

Saleyha Ahsan |

Gordon Adams

Intervention on the Cheap

Lawmakers trying to tie Syria to sequestration don't seem to realize we've already paid for this war.

Gordon Adams |


Bait and Switch

Obama’s “limited” strikes are just the prelude to massive intervention in the Middle East. And Congress shouldn’t fall for it.

Bruce Ackerman |

Rational Security

The Syrian Abyss

What Nietzsche would say about striking Assad.

John Arquilla |


All Syria Policy Is Local

The political expediency of Obama's congressional push on Syria.

William G. Howell |

In Box

The Long Haul

The monumental task of packing up a war.

Amie Ferris-Rotman |

In Other Words

Muse of the Revolution

A Syrian-American writer finds her voice, with help from Libya's most famous novelist.

Amal Hanano |


Showdowns and Shutdowns

Why the Syria debate on Capitol Hill could get tripped up over partisan fiscal battles.

Norm Ornstein |


Questions and Airstrikes

Why Congress needs to think hard about Obama’s Syria plan.

Daniel Byman |

David Rothkopf

The Gamble

Five big consequences of the president's call to let Congress decide about America's Syrian intervention.

David Rothkopf |

By Other Means

Wounded Giant

The only thing America is good at these days is breaking things.

Rosa Brooks |

Terms of Engagement

Bunker Mentality

As America ponders just how little to bomb Syria, both interests and responsibility are losing out to skepticism.

James Traub |


Syria's Short Circuit

Why the Pentagon's cyberwar on Assad will be limited too.

Shane Harris |


Did Obama Administration Leaks Already Spoil the Syria Attack?

Former top officers are baffled by Washington's telegraphing of its strike on Assad.

Yochi Dreazen |


The Civil War Within Syria's Civil War

Armies of Kurdish women are taking on Syria's Islamists -- and winning.

Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa |

Marc Lynch

Restraining Order

Obama's been wise to not get involved in Syria. But now comes the tricky part.

Marc Lynch |

Jeffrey Lewis

The Playbook for the Syrian War Has Already Been Written -- in Iraq

Why Obama should bomb Assad the way Clinton bombed Saddam.

Jeffrey Lewis |


The Supervillain Syndrome

Why dictators like Assad just can't quit while they're ahead.

John Norris |


The Scientist Under Syria's Microscope

Meet the neurobiologist-turned-weapons inspector who could stop -- or start -- a wider war.

David Kenner |


Mapped: Every Protest on the Planet Since 1979

From Cairo to Wall Street to the West Bank, plotting a world of upheaval.

J. Dana Stuster |


A Dream Gone Sour

In the 70-plus days since Pakistan's new prime minister took office, the country has suffered roughly 70 terrorist attacks. So why doesn't Nawaz Sharif have a counterterrorism policy?

Arif Rafiq |