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FP Staff |

Christian Caryl

The Beacon Dims

The United States wants to spread democratic values around the world. It can start by cleaning up its own act at home.

Christian Caryl |


Is Gen. John Allen in Over His Head?

President Obama’s point man in the fight against the Islamic State faces a ruthless foe. But his detractors at home -- even in the Pentagon -- may be his biggest enemy.

Mark Perry |


A Pipeline to Somewhere

With the Keystone pipeline still in limbo, TransCanada gets the ball rolling on Plan B -- shipping tar-sands oil to Canada's eastern coast.

Keith Johnson |


The Pendulum and the President

An exclusive excerpt from “National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear.”

David Rothkopf |


Stop Playing Cowboy on Ebola

By defying the CDC, U.S. governors imposing unnecessary Ebola quarantines risk making the next global pandemic all the more terrifying.

Gregg Gonsalves |


The Hottest Party You've Never Heard Of

Forget Nerd Prom. Washington's social event of the year is Spy Prom. And in case you missed it, I was there.

Shane Harris |


Who's Going to Get Rich Fighting the Islamic State?

Obama's small war means big profits -- and little oversight -- for defense contractors and hired guns.

William D. Hartung |


The Myth of the Big Bad Lone Wolf

Trying to stop lone-wolf terrorists -- much less mentally ill murderers -- is a waste of law enforcement's time and money.

David Gomez |


Don't Blame CNN for the Ebola Panic

If you crunch the data, the mainstream media has actually been pretty levelheaded.

Kalev Leetaru |


Keep Calm and Carry On, Stephen Harper

Doubling down on counterterrorism at home and abroad won’t make Canada a safer place.

Stephen M. Walt |


The Threats We Forget

The Islamic State and Ebola are the crises du jour, but a host of other persistent threats to national security are no less pressing. And combatting them will require unity of effort.

Tim Roemer |


Yoda Has Left the Building

Andy Marshall, 93, has been the Pentagon’s futurist in chief for over 50 years. He hasn’t had a new idea since the 1970s.

Jeffrey Lewis |


Exit Interview: William J. Burns

The retiring deputy secretary of state sounds off on Putin's strategic weakness, the neglected continent to the south, and the state of American power.

David Rothkopf |


Fort Meade and the Maple Leaf

The terror attacks in Ottawa mean that NSA-style surveillance could be coming to Canada much faster than anyone thought.

Shane Harris |

The List

10 Parting Thoughts for America's Diplomats

As one of America's foremost diplomats hangs up his spurs, lessons from 33 years at the State Department.

William J. Burns |


Why Was the NSA Chief Playing the Market?

Newly released documents show the NSA chief was investing his money in commodities so obscure that most financial pros stay away.

Shane Harris |


Is Laziness the Cause of Economic Inequality?

Americans and the British lean toward moral weakness, but the rest of the world blames government policies.

Bruce Stokes |


It's Not Washington's Fault

Not only is it wrong to blame the Islamic State's rise on the U.S. failure to secure a two-state solution -- it's also flat-out dangerous.

Aaron David Miller |


Get Ready for Iraq War IV

One of the most influential Army officers of the Iraq theater on why the United States seems destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

John A. Nagl |


Terrorists Among Us

Americans have good reason to be afraid of another attack on U.S. soil -- only it's not going to come from the Islamic State.

Micah Zenko |


Dark Sites and the Bill of Rights

When Uncle Sam projects his power abroad, does the Constitution tag along?

Joshua Fiveson |


FBI Chief: Your iPhone 6 Is a Threat

The FBI has long had the ability to tap into the nation's telephone exchanges. James Comey wants it to be able to access computer servers as well.

Shane Harris |


We Have Reached Peak President

Why the time of great American leadership is over.

Aaron David Miller |


Drugs, Cash, Luxury Goods, and Maternity Wear

How the drug cartels tried to end-run the cops and got caught in maternity dresses.

Jamila Trindle |


Shake It Up

Obama needs new blood in the White House.

David J. Rothkopf |


Advice for the Ice King

5 recommendations for America's new Arctic ambassador.

James Stavridis |


How to Keep Ebola Out of Your Neighborhood

There’s a way to prevent the virus from spreading, but the answer isn’t travel bans.

Laurie Garrett |


Joe Biden Is the Only Honest Man in Washington

The vice president's apologies to Turkey and the UAE show the dangers of accidentally telling the truth.

Gopal Ratnam |


Suicide Mission

Ty Carter fought in Afghanistan and became a hero. Now he has one more enemy to fight: PTSD.

Yochi Dreazen |