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Lab Report

How to Bring Brazil's Economy Back to Life

The policies that helped Brazil to healthy growth over the past decade have lost momentum. The next president will need bold new ideas that look beyond the short term. Third in our series of Lab Reports on Brazil.

Rob Dwyer |


Country of God

In long-Catholic Brazil, the burgeoning evangelical population has become a dynamic political force -- and could even choose the country’s next president.

Adriana Carranca |

Lab Report

The Subtle Art of the Brazilian Majority

Brazilians want change. But they'll only get it if their new president can combine the urge to reform with the will to govern. The second in our series of Lab Reports on Brazil.

Gregory Michener |


A Way Out of Crisis

Robust reform can seem impossible for governments mired in corruption. But the solution is pretty simple: Focus on policies, not politics.

Kristen Sample |


This Is What a Leader Looks Like

Why Marina Silva’s message resonates from the Amazon to the Middle East to the White House.

David J. Rothkopf |

In Box

Illegal Alien: A Short History

Undocumented? Unauthorized? Illegal? After 250 years, we're still debating what to call America’s visa-less immigrants.

Jake Scobey-Thal |


Argentine Default Bad Test Case for Sovereign Debt Negotiations

Messy bondholder fight could complicate future defaults.

Jamila Trindle |


A Short History of Vultures

Long before Argentina’s latest default, there was Elliott Associates L.P. v. Republic of Panama.

Saskia Sassen |


Inshallah and Ojalá

The lessons of counterinsurgency and nation-building in Colombia can also apply to the Arab world.

James Stavridis |


The Rights Abuses Uruguay Doesn't Want You to Know About

A small South American country has been making big strides in human rights. But it's still got some work to do.

Debbie Sharnak |


So Far Away -- and So Close

Why Germans and Argentines have so much in common, even in soccer.

Christian Thiele |


Avoiding the Messi Curse

For Argentina's soccer team, like its economy, diversification is the key to success.

Mariano Turzi |


The GNOE’s Last Hurrah

Surprise -- there are limits to how well politics and economics can predict World Cup matches.

Daniel Altman |


Don't Win for Me Argentina

The Argentine government’s exploitation of football would make a World Cup victory bittersweet.

Matías Maciel |


Bye-Bye, Brazil

Brazil’s stunning exit from the World Cup brings its other problems back into focus.

Michael Goodman |


The Star Who Never Played at the World Cup

Alfredo Di Stéfano was a man without a country who may have played for three.

Alejandro Rebossio |


What Happened to <i>Picardía</i>?

Argentina has made it to the semifinals of the World Cup without its usual tricks.

Daniel Altman |


Brazilian Soccer Takes a Tumble

Failure in this year’s biggest club competition shows money isn’t everything.

Adam Bate |


Argentina's Soccer Is More Coherent Than Its Politics

Want to find out what an Argentine politician stands for? Ask him about soccer.

Daniel Altman |


Latin America Leads the Way

Africa was supposed to be the next hotbed of world soccer. It’s not.

Adam Bate |


T-Rex vs. Navy SEAL

Why innovation-driven Chile might be just the team to beat old-school Brazil.

Daniel Altman |


The Participation Gap

Why the problem of inequality isn’t just about differences in income.

Devin Stewart |


Adapt or Die

National soccer styles still exist. They’re just changing all the time.

Musa Okwonga |


Colombia Comes out of Its Shell

Globalization has benefited its economy and its soccer, but at what cost?

John E. Rojas |


Does Anyone Remember the AMIA?

Iran may have been behind a deadly bombing in Argentina two decades ago. Now the two countries meet on the pitch.

Hernán Iglesias Illa |


It's Time to Give Uruguay Some Respect

Uruguay is building an army of talented expats -- and not just in soccer.

Daniel Altman |


Post-Colonialism on the Pitch

When former colonies face off against their ex-oppressors.

Musa Okwonga |


Is Playing Soccer in Manaus Worth $800,000 per Minute?

Brazil’s new jungle stadium is days away from becoming a white elephant.

Adam Bate |


Sex, Samba, Soccer, and... Sustainability?

Brand Brazil can win this World Cup even if Team Brazil doesn't.

Rana Sarkar |