Southeast Asia


The Lady and the Tweet

Can there be an Aung San Suu Kyi in the Twitter era?

Suzanne Nossel |

Think Again

Think Again: Burma’s Economy

Burma is open for business, and foreign investors are champing at the bit. Time for a reality check.

Jared Bissinger |


Aung San Suu Kyi’s Buddhism Problem

Why isn't Burma's democracy icon speaking up for minorities -- and against her country's nationalistic, racist, xenophobic, and occasionally violent Buddhist majority?

William McGowan |


Buddhist Monks Behaving Badly

The boys in saffron are marching again. But this time there’s nothing that's noble about it.

Francis Wade |


A Glitch in the Matrix

Why the pivot to Asia has no clothes.

Barry C. Lynn |

Case Studies

The City with a Short Fuse

How a shrewd politician defused ethnic tension and improved public services in one of Indonesia’s most dysfunctional cities.

Rushda Majeed |


Out of the Nuclear Closet

Why it's time for environmentalists to stop worrying and love the atom.

Jessica Lovering |


Burma's President Shakes Up the Chessboard

Why the president's cabinet reshuffle portends a new move toward reform.

Larry Jagan |


Freeing the Press

Will the relaxation of Burma's severe censorship laws usher in the age of a responsible, responsive media -- or are Burmese journalists right to worry that the state is still watching them closely?

Min Zin |


The Souls of Chinese Cities

Letters from Guangzhou, Urumqi, and Shenyang.

Christina Larson |


Building a Better China

The world's cities will experience massive growth over the next decade. But are they ready to handle it?

Richard Dobbs |


Burma's Lost Boys

The government in Burma is promising to clean up its act. But the army is still recruiting child soldiers.

Patrick Bodenham |

Slide Show

China's Champion Children

As China and the United States compete for gold at the London Games, we take a look at the grueling lives of the People's Republic's next generation of top athletes.

Slide Show |

Christian Caryl

Local Bloodshed, Global Headache

Sectarian conflict in Burma is once again spurring talk of a “global war against Islam.”

Christian Caryl |


In Beijing, a Flood of Complaints

As the Chinese capital cleans up from deadly floods, the country's netizens take to social media to blame officials.

Isaac Stone Fish |

Slide Show

No Refuge

Sectarian conflict in Burma leaves refugees in limbo, while an inefficient military dictatorship is unable to stabilize the situation.

Slide Show |

Christian Caryl

Talking a Great Game

So far, Washington's pivot to Asia has included a lot of work on security and trade. Democracy, not so much.

Christian Caryl |


Burma's Misled Righteous

How Burma’s pro-democracy movement betrayed its own ideals and rehabilitated the military

Francis Wade |


Bangkok Blues Rebuttal

The Royal Thai Embassy responds to Joshua Kurlantzick's piece on Thailand's controversial lèse-majesté law.

Arjaree Sriratanaban and Joshua Kurlantzick |


Fish Story

The risk of conflict in the South China Sea is real. But not for the reasons you might think.

Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt |


Build Burma from the Ground Up

Relying only on the state to implement democratic reforms in Burma is a fool’s errand. But there’s a better way.

Elliott Prasse-Freeman |


Asia's Next Tiger

President Aquino's anti-corruption program is just what the Philippines economy needs.

Greg Rushford |

The List

8 Geographical Pivot Points

From Angola to Yemen, eight countries whose futures are tied up in the land they occupy.

Margaret Slattery |

The List

The Dictator Hunter's Wanted List

9 former autocrats and bad guys that should be made to pay for their crimes.

Reed Brody |


The Freedom to Hate

As sectarian violence lashes Burma, the media are using their newfound freedom for destructive ends.

Hanna Hindstrom |


Ruling Facebookistan

The world's largest social networking site has a population nearly as large as China or India's. And the natives are getting restless.

Rebecca MacKinnon |


Party Like It's 1989

Why China's post-Tiananmen political model is running out of steam.

Perry Link |


Is America Pivoting to Asia Fast Enough?

Defense Secretary Panetta has put some muscle behind the Obama administration's Pacific ambitions. But will a few more ships really be enough to stare down China?

James Holmes |

The List

Good Foreigner, Bad Foreigner

China's love-hate relationship with expats.

Anne Henochowicz |


Betting on a Cambodian Spring

Why Cambodia’s opposition faces a steep uphill battle in its effort to oust Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Thomas Mann Miller |