Southeast Asia

Christian Caryl

The Personality Problem

In an age of globalization and revolutionary upheaval, grand impersonal forces might appear to be winning out. But don't discount the human factor.

Christian Caryl |


Onward and Upward

Why economics -- the dismal science -- is far too pessimistic when it comes to analyzing the amazing gains in poverty eradication.

Charles Kenny |

David Rothkopf

Iran Is the Great Distraction

Why Obama and Netanyahu are having the wrong conversation this week.

David Rothkopf |


Stuck in a Rut

If the Republicans really want to attack President Obama on foreign policy, they’re going to have to do a lot better than just recycling tired, old ideas.

Michael A. Cohen |


Mind the Gap

Inequality is an increasing problem around the world. But there are cures.

Peter Passell |

Behind the Numbers

A Threat We Can Live With

Most Americans really don’t like North Korea, but few say it’s worth going to war to make them get rid of their nuclear weapons.

Scott Clement |


Leap Day in North Korea

Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Pyongyang is a modest success. But let's not get carried away.

Mark Fitzpatrick |


Above the Law

Pakistan's activist lawyers and judges may have thrown out Pervez Musharraf, but they're no democrats. In fact, they're a grave and growing threat to Pakistan's future.

Anatol Lieven |

The List

The New Asian Tiger?

Ten things you didn't know about Vietnam's rise. 

Marco Breu |


China Goes Linsane

The phenomenal rise of NBA wunderkind Jeremy Lin is sweeping mainland China -- even though he's Taiwanese.

David Yang |


Off the Beaten Path

Some of the best economic innovations come from places you wouldn't expect.

Jeffrey Frankel |


Separated at Birth

Indonesia's transition to democracy can tell us a lot about the likely course of Egypt's revolution. There's good news and there's bad news.

John T. Sidel |

Slide Show

Pews, Priests, and Praying in the PRC

Christianity is having its moment in China.

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Bull in the China Shop

The Obama administration is welcoming China's presumptive next leader, Xi Jinping. But how can it make good policy when the strategy is a mess?

Daniel Blumenthal |

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Holey Days

Photos of piercing and prayer during the Tamil holiday of Thaipusam.

Lois Parshley |

Christian Caryl

No Joke

Burma's famous comedian-cum-activist explains why he can forgive but refuses to forget.

Christian Caryl |


Immunizing the Body Politic

Want to promote democracy in Burma? Start by making sure people are well enough to vote.

Jack C. Chow |


The 'Untouchable'

Meet Mayawati, India's multimillionaire lower-caste power broker and politician.

Sadanand Dhume |


Canceling the Mullahs' Credit Card

How to sever Iran's financial lifeline.

Mark Dubowitz |


The Prisoners' Dilemma

While Myanmar's reforms this year may appear speedy to outside observers, for its imprisoned activists, the changes are long overdue. 

Megha Rajagopalan |

Christian Caryl

Guns and Butter

Countries around the world are finding that military involvement in private business is a major barrier to reform. But pensioning off CEOs in uniform is easier said than done.

Christian Caryl |


Paper Tigers

Myanmar may be opening to democracy, but just how free is the country’s notoriously closed media?

Sebastian Strangio |

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The Top 10 Trends in Global Freedom

One might expect, given last year's headlines across the Middle East -- as well as promising political developments in authoritarian countries from Myanmar to Cuba -- that 2011 was a banner year for freedom. The reality is more complicated.

Arch Puddington |

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The Smog That Ate Beijing

What China's capital really looks like. 

Sean Gallagher |


Burma's Tightrope

Burma's mysterious president insists that he wants democracy. But can he deliver?

Aung Zaw |


In Praise of Brain Drain

Want to help the developing world? Hire away its best minds.

Robert Guest |

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The Dear Leader's Death Rites

A look at Kim Jong Il's snowy state funeral.

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The List

War Dogs, Boomtowns, and Dead Dictators

Foreign Policy’s most popular photo essays of 2011.

Lois Farrow Parshley |