Southeast Asia



Why the Obama Administration is targeting Malaysia and Vietnam in the trans-Pacific trade talks.

Greg Rushford |


Drama on the High Seas

The ongoing showdown between China and the Philippines is an opportunity for the United States to strengthen the Asian pivot.

Sheena Chestnut Greitens |


The Rocket in Kim Jong Un's Pocket

The missile we should be worried about isn't the one North Korea is about to launch, it's the much bigger one that's hiding in plain sight.

Nick Hansen |

The Optimist

Sharing the Burden

Why Africa doesn't need your white guilt anymore.

Charles Kenny |


16 Ways to Fix Burma

On the eve of the country's historic elections, 16 experts give us their prescriptions for the future.

Arianne Swieca |

Christian Caryl

The Lady's Leap of Faith

Why Aung San Suu Kyi's decision to participate in a flawed election could be the biggest gamble of her career.

Christian Caryl |

Slide Show

The Land of Lady Liberty

A photographer returns to Burma to find a nation transformed.

Geoffrey Hiller |

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The World in Photos This Week

The Pope dons a sombrero, French police hunt suspected Islamists, and a Tongan king is laid to rest.

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Letting Burma Back In

Experts debate whether the role of sanctions was successful in opening up Burma. But with the up-coming by-elections and the release of political prisoners, the greater challenge may be how to lift them.

tom Malinowski |


The Land of Lesser Evils

North Korea's planned missile launch isn't reason enough to walk away from the negotiating table. It's all about politics in Pyongyang -- and in fact, it's an opening for Obama.

John Delury and Chung-in Moon |

Christian Caryl

The Thieves of Burma

Hello from the third-most corrupt place on Earth.

Christian Caryl |

Micah Zenko

We Can't Drone Our Way to Victory in Afghanistan

It’s time for the United States to think of new ways to combat terrorism in Southwest Asia.

Micah Zenko |


Why Burma Shouldn't Listen to the IMF

If Burma's leaders really want to revive their economy, they can start by giving a cold shoulder to the Washington Consensus.

Rick Rowden |


The Lady and the Peacock

An exclusive excerpt from the new biography on Burma's democratic opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peter Popham |

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Combat Camera

The year's best military photography.

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Christian Caryl

Lessons for America from the Global War on Sleaze

When it comes to fighting corruption, it turns out there’s a lot that the U.S. can learn from developing countries.

Christian Caryl |


The Loneliest Superpower

How did China end up with only rogue states as its real friends?

Minxin Pei |


A Shot Across the Bo

The Chinese Communist Party's takedown of party boss Bo Xilai shows just exactly how much talk about "democracy" it's willing to listen to.

A. McLaren |


Fire on the Mountain

How many Tibetans have to burn themselves before the Chinese care?

Tsering Woeser |

David Rothkopf

The Iceman Leadeth

The cool diplomacy of Barack Obama.

David Rothkopf |

Terms of Engagement

Will the Good BRICS Please Stand Up?

You can call them respectable democracies, but India, Brazil, and South Africa will be judged by how they act abroad. And on the Syria question, it's been shameful.

James Traub |

The List

Six International Newspaper Columnists Who Actually Like Mitt Romney

The Republican candidate has boosters in unlikely places -- from Canada to the Congo.

Uri Friedman |

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The World in Photos This Week

Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington, Vladimir Putin's tearful election, and Prince Harry wins a race.

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Christian Caryl

The Personality Problem

In an age of globalization and revolutionary upheaval, grand impersonal forces might appear to be winning out. But don't discount the human factor.

Christian Caryl |


Onward and Upward

Why economics -- the dismal science -- is far too pessimistic when it comes to analyzing the amazing gains in poverty eradication.

Charles Kenny |

David Rothkopf

Iran Is the Great Distraction

Why Obama and Netanyahu are having the wrong conversation this week.

David Rothkopf |


Stuck in a Rut

If the Republicans really want to attack President Obama on foreign policy, they’re going to have to do a lot better than just recycling tired, old ideas.

Michael A. Cohen |


Mind the Gap

Inequality is an increasing problem around the world. But there are cures.

Peter Passell |

Behind the Numbers

A Threat We Can Live With

Most Americans really don’t like North Korea, but few say it’s worth going to war to make them get rid of their nuclear weapons.

Scott Clement |


Leap Day in North Korea

Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Pyongyang is a modest success. But let's not get carried away.

Mark Fitzpatrick |