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Briefing Book

Losing at the IMF

The Obama administration set out to reform the international financial system, but now finds itself on the defensive. What went wrong?

Douglas Rediker |

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Eight Ways to Deal With Iran

The Iranian nuclear program is a complex threat to international peace and stability. In this ambitious paper, former national security advisor Stephen J. Hadley says that stopping it requires an equally complex and sophisticated strategy.

Stephen J. Hadley |

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Are We Focusing on the Wrong Nuclear Threat?

Americans are wringing their hands about the grave threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the United States. But the numbers tell a different story.

Victor Asal and Bryan Early |

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How Obama Missed an Opportunity for Middle East Peace

Why did the president ignore the only part of the "peace process" that was working?

Steven White |

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Japan Awakens

The Japanese military is emerging from decades of pacifism. But do the country's political leaders have the vision and the will to make the country strong again?

Michael Auslin |

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The American Pivot to Asia

Why President Obama's turn to the East is easier said than done.

Kenneth Lieberthal |

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Follow the Money

A simple reform created for stopping terrorist financiers could dramatically strengthen international sanctions, and cut off the flow of funds to some of the world’s worst regimes.

Stuart Levey |

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Is Pakistan's Army as Islamist as We Think?

New data suggest it may be even more liberal than Pakistani society as a whole.

C. Christine Fair |

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Bridges to Somewhere

More austerity won't save the global economy. Building infrastructure just might.

Justin Yifu Lin |

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Slouching Toward 2011

President Obama's Afghanistan withdrawal timetable is running up against a hard reality: Afghan forces are nowhere near ready to take responsibility for their country's security.

Anthony Cordesman |

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Nukes Forever

Barack Obama is spending billions to maintain and upgrade America's nuclear weapons. But his opponents say it's not enough. Will they ever be satisfied?

Page Van der Linden |

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Why the Iran Sanctions Matter

It's easy to criticize the U.N. Security Council's new resolution targeting Iran. But it might prove a surprisingly effective tool in tightening the noose on the regime in Tehran.

Matthew Levitt |

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Iraq At Eye Level

As the dust settles on Iraq's pivotal election, some of the most prominent Western journalists in the country sound off on what it means for Iraq's future and the U.S. role in the region.

David Kenner |

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The Definitive Guide to the Iraqi Elections

"The Land of Two Rivers" is also the land of thousands of aspiring political leaders. Foreign Policy takes you inside the diverse parties, coalitions, and sects, from the center of power to its outermost fringes, that make up Iraq's political mosaic.

David Kenner |

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How to Read the QDR

What the Pentagon’s most highly anticipated planning document says about the gap between its aspirations and reality.

Travis Sharp |

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Past the Deadline on Guantánamo

A week after the deadline for closing the detention center, the United States is no closer to a satisfactory outcome.

Sarah E. Mendelson |

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How to Help Haiti Rebuild

Five experts on nation-building, economic development, and emergency aid weigh in on how best to help devastated Port-au-Prince.

Annie Lowrey |

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All the President's Leaks

Backed into a corner by events on the ground in Iran and a hawkish Congress that wants to enact a foolish sanctions regime, Barack Obama's administration has played the press masterfully.

Gary Sick |

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How to Whip the Afghan Army Into Shape

Much of President Barack Obama's strategy rests on the creation of a new, more competent Afghan military. Here's what he'll need to know to get the job done.

Mark Moyar |

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Addicted to Contractors

The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afghanistan. And it's more costly than you think.

Allison Stanger |

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Money Can't Buy America Love

Millions of dollars are being pumped into hearts and minds projects from Kabul to Kandahar. Trouble is, it's not working. And it might even be making things worse.

Andrew Wilder |

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Five Things Obama Should Do in China

Here's what the U.S. president needs to do to shore up what is fast becoming the most important relationship in the world.

John Watkins, Jr. |

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Briefing Book: Iran's Sanctions

What could sanctions against Iran really do?

Brianna Rosen |

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Trading With Kim

The way to Kim Jong Il’s heart is through his market.

Susan Shirk |

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Time for an Afghan Surge

The runoff elections may be the last best chance to come up with a plan for Afghanistan. Trouble is, the Obama administration is looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Fabrice Pothier |

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The Case for Humility in Afghanistan

A Taliban victory would have devastating consequences for U.S. interests. But to avoid disaster, America must beware the Soviet Union’s mistakes -- and learn from its own three decades of failure in South Asia.

Steve Coll |

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Recipe for Failure

Why Copenhagen will be a bust, and other prophecies from the foreign-policy world's leading predictioneer.

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita |

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Why U.S. bioterror research is more dangerous than bioterrorism.

Lynn C. Klotz |

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The New Asianism

Since the Democratic Party of Japan won in the country's August national election, Japan watchers have worried the new government might try to upset the status quo and ease away from the United States. The DPJ is implementing a new paradigm -- but not the one people think.

Daniel Sneider |