And the City Swallowed Them

A model, a murder, and the seamy underbelly of 2008 Shanghai.

Mara Hvistendahl |


Did Robert Capa Fake 'Falling Soldier'?

The complicated history of the world's most famous war photograph.

Amanda Vaill |


The Islamist Identity Crisis

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood became more illiberal after its first brush with power -- sparking an authoritarian reaction that makes a democratic future seem further away than ever.

Shadi Hamid |


A Murder in the Kingdom

The unsolved killing of a photographer in Bahrain's forgotten Arab Spring.

Elizabeth Dickinson |


How Zionist Extremism Became British Spies’ Biggest Enemy

In World War II's aftermath, MI5 turned to fight a new threat. It wasn't the Soviets. It was bombers from Jerusalem.

Calder Walton |


The Seduction of George W. Bush

How the president of good and evil bromanced Vladimir Putin. And how a warm friendship turned to ice.

Peter Baker |


How the Beirut Bombing Spawned the Modern Surveillance State

A 1983 terror attack caught the U.S. with its eyes closed. It swore to keep watching and watching and watching.

Shane Harris |


The Confidence Trap

It's not just the United States. Democracies around the world are facing a crisis of faith.

David Runciman |


Appetite for Destruction

Why feeding China's 1.3 billion people could leave the rest of the world hungry.

Damien Ma |


The Great Escape

Some thoughts on the health and wealth of nations, and what needs to be done to help those left behind.

Angus Deaton |


A User's Guide to Democratic Transitions

A how-to guide for reformers around the world.

Isobel Coleman |


China: Year Zero

1979 and the birth of an economic miracle.

Christian Caryl |


Mrs. Ballarin's War

The improbable tale of a West Virginia heiress the Pentagon hired to take on Somalia's jihadists.

Mark Mazzetti |


The Trillion-Dollar Bureaucrat

He may be the most important central banker in the world. But is China's Zhou Xiaochuan really in charge?

Neil Irwin |


Lies, Damned Lies, and Chinese Statistics

Who’s cooking Beijing’s books?

Tom Orlik |


Hugo's Banker

How China propped up Chávez.

Henry Sanderson |


An Army of None

Why the Pentagon is failing to keep its best and brightest.

Tim Kane |


The Slab

One soldier's quest to honor a fallen comrade he didn't even know.

Jake Tapper |


Losing Yemen

How this forgotten corner of the Arabian Peninsula became the most dangerous country in the world.

Gregory Johnsen |


Finding the Right Take-Off Speed

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to transition economies. But slow and steady often wins the race.

Justin Yifu Lin |


America's Other Army

Interviews with diplomats in the line of fire -- an exclusive excerpt from the new book America's Other Army: The U.S. Foreign Service and 21st Century Diplomacy.

Nicholas Kralev |


Dark Soldiers of the New Order

The Soviet Union's spies haven't disappeared, they're just wearing new clothes. An exclusive excerpt from Edward Lucas's new book, Deception.

Edward Lucas |



Forget the best and brightest. Why did America send its C team to Afghanistan? An exclusive excerpt from the new book Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran |


State of Disrepair

If the State Department really wants to lead U.S. foreign policy, it needs to stop complaining about the military and act more like it.

Kori Schake |


The Lady and the Peacock

An exclusive excerpt from the new biography on Burma's democratic opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peter Popham |


Shadid's Legacy

Anthony Shadid was one of the finest foreign correspondents of his -- or any -- generation. He passed away Feb. 16, 2012, while on assignment in Syria, but left behind a body of work that was often as poetic as it was insightful. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Blake Hounshell |


One Fine Day in Liberation Square

One year ago, Egyptians took to the streets in protests that shocked the world, and changed the course of the entire Middle East.

Ashraf Khalil |


Why the Chinese Save

Contrary to conventional wisdom, China's high savings rate has everything to do with policy and institutions. Culture, not so much.

Sheldon Garon |


A Secure, Undisclosed Location

In his latest book, "Warriors of God," Nicholas Blanford goes searching for one of Hezbollah's secret war bunkers, constructed mere feet from the Israeli border.

Nicholas Blanford |


Remembering the Unquiet American

A fond retrospective on Richard Holbrooke, America’s most ambitious diplomat.

Strobe Talbott |