The Shadow Superpower

Forget China: the $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy -- and its future.

Robert Neuwirth |


Asia's New Great Game

China and India are both hungry for Burma's vast natural riches. But will Burma's people pay the price or can this Southeast Asian backwater finally enter the 21st century?

Thant Myint-U |


The Annotated Toffler

The couple that predicted the world we live in today.

Ayesha & Parag Khanna |


The Empire at Dusk

American pundits decry the onset of sharp defense cuts, but the Pentagon can’t even account for $1 trillion in its own spending. Isn't it time to rein in the beast?

Stephen Glain |



An FP special roundtable on Japan’s post-tsunami future.

Rebecca Frankel |


Liberté, Égalité, Virilité

The French don't just tolerate their politicians' sexual dalliances -- they demand them.

Elaine Sciolino |


Between Mosque and Military

It's not just U.S. officials who are shining a harsh light on Pakistan's complicity with Islamist groups. Pakistan's ambassador to the United States once had some tough words of his own.

Husain Haqqani |


Confessions of a Vulcan

An insider's story of how the Bush administration lost Afghanistan.

Dov S. Zakheim |


Eating My Way Through the Cedar Revolution

In this excerpt from a memoir of love and war, a former Beirut correspondent recalls the way her experience of Lebanon's most turbulent times was shaped by the meals she ate throughout.

Annia Ciezadlo |


Revolution in the Arab World

What to look for in FP's new exclusive ebook on the uprisings sweeping the Middle East.

Britt Peterson |


The Shah's Atomic Dreams

More than three decades ago, before there was an Islamic Republic, the West sought desperately to prevent Iran's ruler from getting his hands on the bomb. New revelations show just how serious the crisis was -- and why America's denuclearization drive isn't working.

Abbas Milani |


Fault Lines

Global Thinker No. 26 Raghuram Rajan's look at the fissures that brought about the global financial crisis -- and which are still at work today.

Raghuram Rajan |


Looking Back on Too Big to Fail

From the new afterword to Andrew Ross Sorkin's classic tale of the financial crisis, recommended by several FP Global Thinkers: Have we learned anything from our failures?

Andrew Ross Sorkin |


The Rational Optimist Goes Global

Recommended by our global thinkers, an excerpt from Matt Ridley's book on why everything is going to be OK -- even Africa and global warming.

Matt Ridley |


Keystone Al-Kaeda

In the battle against Al Qaeda, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Scott Atran |


Novel Ideas

Statesmen once looked to great works of literature to help them understand the world. No longer.

Charles Hill |


The Fatwa

Ayatollah Khomeini and the legacy of the Salman Rushdie affair. 

Kenan Malik |


Big Brotherhood Is Watching

America's clumsy, misguided attempts to reach out to European Muslims.

Ian Johnson |


Why Did the Pope Keep Quiet About Hitler?

Newly opened archives reveal what Pius XII knew and when he knew it.

Hubert Wolf |


Pen Portraits from a Forgotten Middle East

From a Zelig-like chronicler, encounters with the people who made history.

Kai Bird |


The Elite Med Squad That Saved You from Anthrax

A look inside the hunt for a white, powdery killer.

Mark Pendergrast |


The Dirty Underside of Lula's Clean Energy Revolution

Brazil's biofueled paradise is looking more and more like a carbon-spewing wasteland.

Nikolas Kozloff |


Reading Saddam's Fortune

A long-time Middle East correspondent recalls his bizarre experience of the Iraq invasion in the house of a Yezidi prince -- and meeting a fortune-teller who only revealed to him that his future was not in journalism.

Hugh Pope |


Ghosts of Beirut

How the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri transformed the Middle East.

Michael Young |


Peddling Peril

An exclusive excerpt from David Albright's new book, Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nuclear Trade Arms America's Enemies.

David Albright |


Dancing for Their Lives

Making an undercover visit to an Iraqi expat nightclub in Syria, where the refugee crisis's illicit economy is on full display.

Deborah Amos |