The Prince of Twitter

Saudi royal AlWaleed bin Talal just bought $300 million worth of everyone's favorite microblogging site. Here's why that might be a good thing.

Faisal J. Abbas |


The Last Prisoner

The fate of a senior Hezbollah commander captured in Iraq raises questions about what the United States accomplished in Mesopotamia -- and the future of its shadow war with Iran.

Mitchell Prothero |


The Bioterrorist Next Door

Man-made killer bird flu is here.  Can -- should -- governments try to stop it?

Laurie Garrett |


Winning Back the Revolution

Most Egyptians want economic recovery, not more protests, according to national Gallup surveys conducted over the past eight months. Do activists have any chance of winning back the street?

Dalia Mogahed |


The Global Thinkers' Book Club

Want to think like the world's best minds? Start by reading like them. The FP Global Thinkers' 20 most recommended titles.

Kedar Pavgi |


End of the Argument

How we won the debate over stopping genocide.

Gareth Evans |


Life in a Glass House

A glimpse behind the closely watched door to Ai Weiwei’s studio.

Christina Larson |


It Ain't Easy Being a Central Banker

Spare a thought for the bureaucrats stuck with one of the most important, and miserable, jobs in the world.

Felix Salmon |


The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd

For the third year in a row, Foreign Policy polled the world's top Global Thinkers to ask everything from how Barack Obama's really doing on the economy to what the biggest threats to global stability are in a year of revolutions. (Hint: There's not a lot of bullishness in this group.) So take a look at what our brilliant collection of Nobel winners, paradigm-shattering authors, and leaders from around the world has to say about this momentous year and what's in store for 2012.

Suzanne Merkelson |


What Do Saudi Women Want?

It's not as simple as driving, voting, and property.

Eman Al Nafjan |


The Big Think Behind the Arab Spring

Do the Middle East's revolutions have a unifying ideology?

Marc Lynch |


Does Facebook Have a Foreign Policy?

The social networking giant has the power to change the world for the better. But does it want to?

David Kirkpatrick |


A History of (Non)Violence

Why humans are becoming more peaceful.

Steven Pinker |


John Stuart Mill, Dead Thinker of the Year

The 19th century thinker still has much to teach us on liberty.

Robert D. Kaplan |


6 Ideas for the Ash Heap of History

The just-plain-wrong notions that (hopefully) bit the dust this year.

Tyler Cowen |


Global Thinkers, Fill in the Blanks

The world's smartest people tell us what to think about Barack Obama, the Arab Spring, and the dizzying events of 2011.

Suzanne Merkelson |


The Global Thinker Twitterati

A who's who of the foreign-policy Twitterverse in 2011. 

Russell Tepper |


The Mall of the World

What a Hong Kong shopping complex tells us about the true nature of globalization.

Gordon Mathews |


Politics Stops at the Water's Edge

After two foreign-policy debates, we still have no idea what most Republican presidential candidates would do about the actual issues facing America abroad.

Michael Cohen |


Crunching the Numbers on the GOP Candidates

What the polls tell us about the Republican candidates on foreign policy.

Scott Clement |


The Grim Toll of Syria’s Violence

Syria is entering the bloodiest phase yet of its eight-month-old uprising. But is the death toll enough to bring down President Bashar al-Assad?

David Kenner |


Ayatollah for a Day

I war-gamed an Israeli strike on Iran -- and it got ugly.

Karim Sadjadpour |


The End of the Innocents

How America's longtime man in Southeast Asia, Jim Thompson, fought to stop the CIA's progression from a small spy ring to a large paramilitary agency -- and was never seen again.

Joshua Kurlantzick |


Plan Afghanistan

Why the Colombia model -- even if it means drug war and armed rebellion -- is the best chance for U.S. success in Central Asia.

Paul Wolfowitz |


What Does Siri Know About the World?

We asked the iPhone 4S's personal assistant, Siri, some of the toughest questions in international politics. At least she knows more than Herman Cain.

Joshua E. Keating |


U.N. Rips Iran's Human Rights Record in New Report

An important reminder that the Islamic Republic's greatest victims are its own citizens.

Barbara Slavin |


The World According to the GOP

What do the 2012 Republican candidates have to say about foreign policy?

Joshua E. Keating |


America at Dusk

FP asked a panel of writers from around the world to tell us what the United States is doing wrong. We got an earful.

Passport Administrator |


America's Pacific Century

The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.

Hillary Clinton |