In Other Words

In Other Words

America the Brutiful

Yanks are starring on foreign screens -- and it ain't a pretty sight.

Michael Idov |

In Other Words

900 Channels of the Great Satan

In Iran's latest TV obsession, the Ugly American is -- themselves.

Azadeh Moaveni |

In Other Words

How'd We Do Covering the Revolution?

Looking back with a generous dose of humility.

David E. Hoffman |

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The Far Side of the Soviet Moon

Ten of Russia's most disturbing unsolved mysteries.

David E. Hoffman |

In Other Words

Don't Go There

Chasing the dying memories of Soviet trauma.

Orlando Figes |

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An Eerie Silence

Why is it so hard for South Africa to talk about AIDS?

Jonny Steinberg |

In Other Words

Get Lost

A new book explores the roots of deep travel -- as necessary for Manhattan homebodies as for madcap foreign correspondents.

Paul Salopek |

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Arab Revolutions Through the WikiLeaks Lens

Looking back, what did we really know -- and what did we just think we knew?

Graeme Wood |

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Cable News

What is WikiLeaks really trying to tell us? We asked eminent historians and scholars to take the long view on these startling documents.

Britt Peterson |

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A Short History of Secrecy

Think Julian Assange is sui generis? He's just one in a long line of agents provocateurs, stretching back through Trotsky to the Greeks.

Margaret MacMillan |

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Anatomy of a Honey Trap

What if the hidden messages in the WikiLeaks cables were less about Tunisia and Russia, more about Winnie the Pooh?

Marjorie Garber |

In Other Words

Revenge of the Quiet American

The world of U.S. diplomacy as filtered through WikiLeaks looks an awful lot like a certain other Western imperial power from not too long ago.

Maya Jasanoff |

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How to Write a Cable

A veteran diplomat explains how it's really done.

Peter W. Galbraith |

In Other Words

Nothing to See Here

What if the big message of the WikiLeaks cables is that there is no message?

Fouad Ajami |

In Other Words

Irony Is Good!

How Mao killed Chinese humor ... and how the Internet is slowly bringing it back again.

Eric Abrahamsen |

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Three Decades of a Joke That Just Won't Die

Egyptian humor goes where its politics cannot.

Issandr El Amrani |

In Other Words

Meet the Persident

In surreal Russia, fake presidential tweets are much more relevant than the real ones.

Julia Ioffe |

In Other Words

The Russian Masterpiece You've Never Heard of

Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate has more to say about human freedom than any other Russian novel of the century. That's probably why it was locked up for so long.

Leon Aron |

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Travel Writing Lives!

The nostalgists are wrong -- in fact, travel writing is better than ever, and it's got more to tell us about our globalized world than dry policy writing does.

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro |

In Other Words

Travel Writing Ain't What It Used to Be

If you like your adventure stories devoid of any eating, prayer, or love, try the classics.

Jessa Crispin |

In Other Words

Travel Writing Is Dead

Eat, Pray, Love was just the nail in the coffin. An ardent traveler looks at an entire genre gone narcissistic and brainless.

Graeme Wood |

In Other Words

The World's Iacoccas

The celebrity business bio is no longer a U.S. phenomenon. 

Clare Sestanovich |

In Other Words

Bed, Bath & Bribes

IKEA's struggle to do business in Putin's Russia.

Alexander Osipovich |

In Other Words

The Global Dream

With the global rise of the celebrity CEO, some new stories are being told.

Michael Skapinker |

In Other Words

Slumdog Billionaires

Two autobiographies show how India's new Rockefellers made it big.

Sadanand Dhume |

In Other Words

Venus Envy

America's ignorant, narcissistic anti-Europeanism is an embarrassment.

Simon Tisdall |

In Other Words

Misreading Tehran

Leading Iranian-American writers revisit a year of dreams and discouragement.


In Other Words

The Real Impact of the Elections

Far from being a wipeout, the Green Movement was a historic success. Too bad no one was watching.

Haleh Esfandiari |