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In Other Words

The Twitter Devolution

Far from being a tool of revolution in Iran over the last year, the Internet, in many ways, just complicated the picture.

Golnaz Esfandiari |

In Other Words

A Forgotten Civil Society

Reading Lolita in Tehran's Azar Nafisi discusses Iran's cultural crisis -- and how the West got it wrong.

Britt Peterson |

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What We Got Wrong

How the media both overestimated and underestimated the Green Movement.

Reza Aslan |

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Iran's Hidden Cyberjihad

Taking a cue from the Soviets, the regime is creating a new Iron Curtain -- online.

Abbas Milani |

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What the West Isn't Hearing About

To understand the big stories of the last year in Iran, we need better access to the little stories.

Azadeh Moaveni |

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Overcoming the Language Barrier

FP's translation project: From the Rwandan genocide to Tito's death, from Indian Muslims to Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, and from Israeli communists to Parisian chroniclers of the Vichy years, a selection of works you won't read anywhere else -- at least, not in English.

Britt Peterson |

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Mourning for a Dictator

The day Tito died, as witnessed by a young Croatian girl.

Marica Bodrožić |

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Waking Up to Genocide

The slow realization that everything is wrong, told by one of Rwanda's most promising young novelists.

Gilbert Gatore |

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Diary of an Occupation

Entries from the journal of a well-connected French economist, written during the Vichy years in Paris.

Charles Rist |

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Going Underground in Israel

A great Hebrew novelist tells the tale of a young boy with grandiose -- and confused -- aspirations to join the political sub-classes.

Benjamin Tammuz |

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A Tale of Two Chinese Cities

Why people from Shanghai are so crazy, by one of China's great environmental historians.

Yang Dongping |

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Coming of Age in the Camps

A young "quota refugee" from Russia adjusts to life in Germany, from pizza to making new friends, in this first novel by a rising German talent.

Lena Gorelik |

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A Bad Fortune for the Vietnamese

A mother's struggle with the legacy of Agent Orange, from a Vietnamese journalist's account.

Minh Chuyen |

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A Hajj Gone Wrong

What if you went to Mecca -- and hated it? A story from a Hindi novelist.

Manzoor Ahtesham |

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Linguistic Apartheid

A South African essayist considers the ugly history of his native tongue.

Thomas Dreyer |

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A New Great Wall

Why the crisis in translation matters.

Edith Grossman |

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Waste Land

The literature of Dubai's doomed quest to become a cultural mecca.

Michael Z. Wise |

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North Korea's Race Problem

What I learned in eight years reading propaganda from inside the Hermit Kingdom.

B.R. Myers |

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Eurabian Follies

The shoddy and just plain wrong genre that refuses to die. 

Justin Vaïsse |

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The Pope and the Chancellor

What does their running battle tell us about the future of European politics?

Paul Hockenos |

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Is There a Palin Doctrine?

If the former would-be veep’s memoir is any indication, the answer is no.

Annie Lowrey |

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Howard Roark in New Delhi

The surprising popularity of a libertarian hero in India.

Jennifer Burns |

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English Spoken Here

How globalization is changing the Indian novel.

Chandrahas Choudhury |

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The Early Read on: The Great Recession

As experts attempt to heal the fractured global market, a group of new books on the financial crisis is already offering the first draft of history.

Katherine Yester |

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Summer Reading of Our Discontent

Global escapism is flourishing in the Great Recession.

Liesl Schillinger |

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The Early Read on Graphic Histories

When a story seems too big or too upsetting for words, sometimes pictures can do the trick. This fall, a wide range of graphic histories will become available on every subject from the life of Trotsky to a journalist's experiences in the Gaza Strip -- beautiful and harrowing books that tell their stories in multiple dimensions.

P.J. Aroon |

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Very, Very Lost in Translation

How the Egyptian literary czar who wants to lead the world's top cultural body got caught up in his own country's rabid anti-Semitism.

Raymond Stock |

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The Berlin Fall

Germany’s great skeptic looks back in scorn on 20 years of reunification.

Cameron Abadi |

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Samizdat in the 21st Century

Russia's new literature of crisis.

Leon Aron |

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In Other Words: Baltic Ghosts

Lithuania is investigating Jewish Holocaust survivors as war criminals -- and using their own memoirs as evidence against them.

Nick Bravin |