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In Other Words

El Comandante's Last Charge

Bitter enemies though they are, Fidel Castro and Alvaro Uribe agree on one thing: Peace in Colombia will never happen without a decisive military victory.

Roque Planas |

In Other Words

The Early Read: On the Future

FP's new section, The Early Read, will highlight upcoming new books with big ideas. In this inaugural edition, we examine a few picks from the reliable crop of books about the future that appears every new year. These take a slightly longer view, with bold forecasts for the next century: which brewing conflicts will erupt into wars, which states will dominate, and what it will mean to live in a completely digitized world.

Katherine Yester |

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India’s Chinese Wall

If you were born today, would you rather be Chinese or Indian?

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom |

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Jakarta’s Moral Majority

What happens to a society's literary culture when its politics turn conservative? Indonesian writer, filmmaker, and founder of the Khatulistiwa Literary Award Richard Oh explains.

Hera Diani |

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India's Literary Wake-Up Call

It's a country in the midst of an industrial revolution. Yet, according to popular author and editor Shobhaa De, when it comes to literature, India remains stuck in the past.

Piya Kochhar |

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What They're Reading: Mexico's Love of the Local

Think books are dead? Take a trip to Mexico City, where a market for fiction, self-help, and political works is thriving. FP recently spoke with Mexico-based publishing executive Cristóbal Pera to find out why.

Kate Palmer |

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What They're Reading: Books in Arabia's Boomtown

Once a sleepy town on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, with a $46 billion GDP and a population that's nearly doubled in 10 years. But amid fortune-making, horse-racing, and jet-setting, do the desert city's residents make time to read? FP spoke with Isobel Abulhoul, director and co-owner of Magrudy's, a Dubai-based bookstore chain, for her take on the city's literary scene.

Henry M. Bowles |