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What They're Reading: What Irish Eyes Are Reading

Few cities in the world enjoy a richer literary history than Dublin. So what are the Irish reading these days? FP spoke with Vincent Cahill of Waterstone's bookstore, and found that the reading list looks much the same as it did half a century ago.

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Reading the Italian Mind

A columnist for Milan's daily Corriere della Sera and author of the forthcoming La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind, Beppe Severgnini is a keen observer of the Italian culture and character. In a conversation with FP, he discussed American bestsellers, the failure of Italy's politicians, and why Italians would rather write a book than read one.

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What They're Reading: Azerbaijan's Fourth Estate

Arif Aliev is the founder and editor of the daily Gun Seher newspaper and president of the independent journalists' union in Baku, Azerbaijan. Aliev spoke to FP about the struggle of bringing quality journalism to a place where people seldom read. 

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What They're Reading: Dushanbe's Living History

The West has long enjoyed romanticizing notions of Central Asia's so-called Great Game. But few are familiar with how the region's people view their own culture and literary scene. FP sat down with Alii Muhammadi Khorasoni, author, poet, and critic at the Tajik Academy of Sciences, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to discuss what Central Asians are reading.

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What They're Reading: Taiwan's Crossover Chic

At the 24-hour Eslite bookstore complex in Taipei, which is Taiwan's largest bookstore and one of Asia's cultural hubs, the city's literati can attend book signings, peruse the art gallery, sip tea at the cafe, or simply flip through 3,000 different magazine titles. FP spoke to I-Hui Lin, who works in marketing and planning for Eslite.

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