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In Other Words

What They're Reading: Taiwan's Crossover Chic

At the 24-hour Eslite bookstore complex in Taipei, which is Taiwan's largest bookstore and one of Asia's cultural hubs, the city's literati can attend book signings, peruse the art gallery, sip tea at the cafe, or simply flip through 3,000 different magazine titles. FP spoke to I-Hui Lin, who works in marketing and planning for Eslite.

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In Other Words

Publish or Perish in Spain

Nearly 400 years after Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote , the Spanish literary sector is thriving. FP spoke to Javier Rioyo, the editor of Estravagario (a weekly book show on Spanish public television), about Spain's current reading list.

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Bridging the Bosphorus

Turkey's decades-long desire to join Europe has prompted vast political reforms, and its negotiations for European Union membership are finally under way. Mensur Akgün, foreign-policy director of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation in Istanbul and associate professor at the Istanbul Kultur University, discussed the literary backdrop for Turkey's changing times with FP.

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What They're Reading: Memoirs of the Middle Kingdom

The Chinese were printing books five centuries before Johannes Gutenberg published his first Bible. To find out how Chinese literary tastes are adapting to the new millennium, FP spoke with Gao Chuanxian, the former vice director at the Bureau of International Trade and Economics of the Xianning Municipal Government in Wuhan.

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