Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers

Mongolia vs. eBay

How countries stack up against global corporations.

Hanna C. Trudo |

Prime Numbers

Inside Power, Inc.

Taking stock of Big Business vs. Big Government.

David Rothkopf |

Prime Numbers

Boomtown 2025: A Special Report

By 2025, 136 new cities -- all from the developing world -- will take their place among the world's leading urban centers. But these new engines of global economic growth hold some surprises.

Richard Dobbs |

Prime Numbers

A Tale of Two Armies

Standing up the Afghan and Iraqi forces so America's can stand down.

Michael O'Hanlon |

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Unemployment: Just How Bad Is It?

For American job seekers, it's the autumn of their discontent. Unfortunately, they have some worldwide company. Here's FP's guided tour of the grim numbers.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Prime Numbers


FP's guide to the coming urban age.

Richard Dobbs |

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The Pirate Den

Inside the modern business of wreaking havoc on the high seas.

Bridget Coggins |

Prime Numbers

The Almanac of Al Qaeda

FP's definitive guide to what's left of the terrorist group.

Peter Bergen |

Prime Numbers

Big Senders

People all over the world are still traveling to other countries to find work, only the job opportunities aren't where they used to be.

J. Humberto Lopez |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Doped

The disaster drugs: heroin and cocaine.

Beau Kilmer |

Prime Numbers

How High Will It Go?

How the price of oil might superspike once again.

The McKinsey Global Institute |

Prime Numbers

Sex Matters

Low birthrates aren't the result of economic growth and political stability; they're a prerequisite.

Malcolm Potts |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Sushinomics

FP examines the global economic impact of sushi.

Daniel Pauly |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Change Is in the Air

The failing industry: the future of airlines.

William Swelbar |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Rings of Gold

Who's cashing in on the Olympic gold?

Brad R. Humphreys |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: A Matter of Life or Meth

FP takes a look at the booming Meth industry.

Richard A. Rawson |

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Prison Planet

The global prison population is on the rise, with upwards of 9 million people now doing time. Countries are now locking up more of their citizens than ever before. This troubling trend has left jails severely overcrowded, costs booming, and countless prisoners waiting years for justice.

Roy Walmsley |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Iraq's Sticker Shock

FP delves into the true cost of the Iraq war.

Gordon Adams |

Prime Numbers

The Diaper Diaspora

Angelina Jolie made international adoptions fashionable. Madonna made them controversial. But celebrities are just the most public faces of a growing global trend. Today, some 45,000 children are adopted each year by foreign parents willing to pay big for a little one.

Peter Selman |

Prime Numbers

9/11 + 5

Five years ago, 19 men sparked a global war. They were far from the first to commit acts of terrorism. But the devastation they wrought led U.S. President George W. Bush to declare a war "unlike any other we have ever seen," not simply against al Qaeda, but against every organization capable of terror. Today, the world faces increased terrorism on nearly every front. Attacks and fatalities are on the rise not just in the Middle East, but around the world -- everywhere, it seems, but where the war was first declared. The United States may be footing many of the costs for the war on terror, but the rest of the world is paying with their lives.

Kim Cragin |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: The Influential Tourist

FP examines tourism and work-force economics.

Sylvia A. Allegretto |

Prime Numbers

Bound for Success

The book's obituary has been written time and again, its imminent demise blamed on television, falling publishing profits, and now, the Internet. But don't write books off just yet. More are being published than ever before, and sales continue to trump those of other media. Despite the dire predictions, the world still loves a good page-turner.

Andrew Grabois |

Prime Numbers

India Outsmarts China

The economic race between China and India is changing the way the world does business. By 2050, it is estimated that these two Asian heavyweights will account for nearly half the world's gross domestic product, up from just 6 percent today. But whose model is better, China's low-cost factories or India's low-cost financiers? For all the benefits of China's swift rise, India's brain power will finally give it the tools to catch up.

Diana Farrell |

Prime Numbers

35 Years Later...

An FP anniversary special.

Katherine Yester |

Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: Power Projectors

Globalization goes to the movies.

David Hancock |

Prime Numbers

The Price of Life

The misplaced priorities of the pharmaceutical industry.

Rachel Glennerster |