Building Palestinian Democracy, One Brick at a Time

Palestinian businessman Bashar al-Masri has a plan for building democracy on the West Bank. And it's not really about politics.

Jonathan Schienberg |


Ukraine's Chocolate King to the Rescue

Ukrainians hope that Petro Poroshenko can lead them out of the current crisis. But can one man provide the solution to all the country's problems?

Annabelle Chapman |


The Police Are Dogs

No one else manages to rile Tunisia's post-revolutionary government quite like rapper Klay BBJ.

Fadil Aliriza |


The Rise and Fall of Somalia’s Pirate King

And the reverse-Argo sting that bagged him.

James M. Bridger |


Sherman's March

Meet the social worker turned nuclear negotiator who's trying to keep Iran from getting the bomb.

Yochi Dreazen |


Syria's Good Soldier

Meet the man who could be the next president in Damascus. If he's not already dead.

David Kenner |


Samantha Power's Problem from Hell

Can a humanitarian firebrand help forge a deal with Syria's dictator?

Colum Lynch |


The D.C. Socialite vs. 'The Grill Sergeant'

When the Pentagon tried to save its awful TV channel, it called in Washington's most infamous TV producer-turned-party-thrower.

Gordon Lubold |


The Princess of Reform

Why the daughter of Malaysia’s opposition leader embodies the hopes of the democratic reform movement.

Deborah Loh |


Who's the Most Powerful Woman in the World?

Hint: It's not Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. She lives in Berlin and is key to solving the euro crisis.

Jeffrey Gedmin |


The Inconvenient Diplomat

A farewell to the man who spoke out against Latin America’s leading bullies.

Javier El-Hage |


Can You Save Diplomacy From Itself?

Carne Ross's quixotic crusade to help emerging nations get their seat at the table.

Cristina Odone |


The Man Who Brought the Black Flag to Timbuktu

A new Islamist strongman has taken the stage in North Africa. His rising power is giving him a lot of bad ideas.

William Lloyd-George |


The Weathervane

As Syria's civil war explodes across the region, Walid Jumblatt is ripping into the United States for not doing more. Is he just shifting with the political winds once again?

David Kenner |


Tokyo's Hawkish Governor Stirs the Pot

Japan's most volatile politician is making a splash in the South China Sea -- and the Chinese are beating the drums of war.

Mark MacKinnon |


The Point Guard

Susan Rice calls the plays for Barack Obama at the United Nations. Could she lead his foreign-policy team next? Should she?

James Traub |


The Good Felool

If Amr Moussa wins Egypt's presidential election, is the revolution over?

David Kenner |


Filling Saleh's Shoes

Yemen's new president has his work cut out for him. Is he up to the task?

Tom Finn |


Hungary's Pit Bull Prime Minister

How one of Europe’s most celebrated anti-communists become the bad boy of the continent.

James Kirchick |


The Temperature's Dropping for Russia's Opposition

Vladimir Putin is back in the saddle, and the weather is getting chilly again for Russia's protest movement.

Anna Nemtsova |


Hoping Against All Hope

Tibetans are setting themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. So is there anything the leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile can do about it?

Sudip Mazumdar |


What Happened to My Revolution

Five influential Egyptian protesters look back on a tumultuous year.

Sarah A. Topol |


The Army and the People Were Never One Hand

Maikel Nabil, the atheist, pro-Israel Egyptian writer who was released from prison today, was right all along.

Max Strasser |


The Imran Khan Phenomenon

Is Pakistan’s cricket star-turned-politician for real?

Arif Rafiq |


The Lightning Rod President

Ivory Coast’s new president has made many enemies over the years. Can he bring peace?

Daniel Balint-Kurti |


In Memoriam, Chris Hondros

A personal remembrance of a brilliant photojournalist and a brilliant friend.

Christina Larson |


Qaddafi Under Siege

A political psychologist assesses Libya's mercurial leader.

Jerrold M. Post |


The Ghosts of Duvalier

Baby Doc's return to Haiti is a potent reminder that his legacy of poverty and corruption lives on.

Elizabeth Abbott |


Le President, C'est Moi

Ivory Coast's president is making a desperate stand to keep his job -- but will his move just mean more misery for a country that's already seen enough?

John James |