In Defense of Baijiu

What Foreign Policy got wrong about China's most popular drink.

Derek Sandhaus |


The Recline! Response (Part 2)

Kristin Lord, Suzanne Nossel, Whitney Kassel, and Ari Ratner weigh in on Rosa Brooks's recent columns and a woman's right to recline.

Kristin M. Lord |


The Recline! Response (Part 1)

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Julianne Smith, and Mieke Eoyang take on Rosa Brooks' Manifesto for the new working woman.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Julianne Smith and Mieke Eoyang |


The Tiger Is Back

Why Ireland's economy really is on the rebound.

Anne Anderson |


Keeping the Blinders Off History

Yad Vashem is not biased against Tunisian Arabs that saved Jews' lives during the Holocaust.

Irena Steinfeldt |


Keep Cutting Nukes

Four reasons why presidents have pushed for nuclear cuts for decades -- and why there's no reason to stop now.

Tom Z. Collina |


The U.S. Isn't Trying to Contain China…

...and China's neighbors don't want it to anyway.

Phillip C. Saunders |


An Honest Broker

The national security advisor of James Mann's profile bears little resemblance to the Tom Donilon I know.

Jeremy Bash |


The Case for Nuclear Unilateralism

New START may be flawed, but it also holds an opportunity for Obama to do something truly momentous.

Yousaf Butt |


Time to Talk

What Michael Singh gets wrong about "next steps" with Iran.

Amb. William H. Luers |


The Case for Breaking Up Walmart

Sorry, Charles Kenny, but Walmart is hardly an ally of the world's poor.

Barry C. Lynn |


Who's Afraid of Cyberoptimism?

Why David Rieff's cynical attack on "cyberutopians" misses the point.

Ethan Zuckerman |


Off to a Bad Start

Why is the president letting America's nukes rust?

Sen. Jim Inhofe |


GAO Stands by Its F-35 Report

A response to Winslow Wheeler.

Chuck Young |


Army Strong

Actually, Lt. Gen. Barno, the best and the brightest are staying in uniform.

Lt. Gen. Frederick “Ben” Hodges |


What Vali Nasr Gets Wrong

A former State Department insider has written a blistering account of the Obama administration’s missteps in Afghanistan. But is he right?

Sarah Chayes |


What Bill Gates Got Wrong About Why Nations Fail

Did the Microsoft founder even read our book before he criticized it?

Daron Acemoglu |


Our Experience in Luvungi

International Medical Corps responds to Laura Heaton's investigation of mass rape in a small Congolese town.

Micah Williams |


Fund Syria’s Moderates

We can’t say that helping the Syrian rebels didn’t work, because it has never really been tried.

Robin Yassin-Kassab |


Sorry, but Africa's Rise Is Real

Africa growth skeptics have got it wrong. The continent's rise is very real.

Charles Robertson |


Poor Choice

The International Finance Corporation responds to Cheryl Strauss Einhorn's investigation into the World Bank's investment arm.

Bruce Moats |


Did Awlaki Really Help the 9/11 Hijackers?

What Judicial Watch and Fox News got wrong about al Qaeda's leading English-language ideologue.

J.M. Berger |


Don't Blame Obama for Syria

What's happening in Syria is a tragedy. But John Hannah needs to recognize that the civil war was never ours to win or lose.

Aaron David Miller |


How to Save Arab-Israeli Peace

There's more to it than Stephen Walt would have you believe.

Robert Satloff |


'Beyond the Pale'

The Pentagon responds to Micah Zenko.

George Little |


We Did Not Hype the Nuclear Threat

The U.S.-China Commission responds to Tom Collina.

Dennis C. Shea |


In Defense of Policy Planning

Strobe Talbott responds to Rosa Brooks.

Strobe Talbott |


The Pivot to Economics

The State Department is hard at work integrating economics into U.S. foreign policy.

Heidi Crebo-Rediker |


Of Myths and Missiles

What Les Gelb gets wrong about the Cuban missile crisis.

Stephen Sestanovich |