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The Brass

The New Triad

It's time to found a U.S. Cyber Force.

James Stavridis |

The Brass

Breaking the Kill Chain

How to keep America in the game when our enemies are trying to shut us out.

Adm. Jonathan Greenert |

The Brass

Why America Still Needs Aircraft Carriers

The critics are wrong: Flattops are the platform of the future, not the past.

David H. Buss |

The Brass

The Force of Tomorrow

The Army's top general on the future of war.

Gen. Ray Odierno |

The Brass

Northern Alliance

Canada's defense minister talks about security in the Americas -- and Afghanistan.

Kevin Baron |

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A 'Dynamic' Moment

The Pentagon's policy chief on the crises in Iran, Afghanistan, Asia, and more.

Cara Parks |

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'A Whole New Era'

In an exclusive interview with FP, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta sounds off on the U.S. embassy attacks, al Qaeda, and what Americans need to prepare for.

Lois Farrow Parshley |

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The Air Up There

How Sec. Michael Donley sees sequestration and the future of aerial warfare.

John Reed |

The Brass

Are We Winning in Afghanistan?

An exclusive interview with Gen. John Allen, commander of America's forgotten war.

Gordon Lubold |