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The FP Memo

The FP Memo: Brothers In Arms

The United States and the Muslim Brotherhood have more in common than they think. But if the Brotherhood is to win over American skeptics, its actions will have to match its words.

Katherine Yester |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: The Endgame in Iraq

What happens when you take a 40-year-old CIA memo on losing a war and replace the word "Vietnam" with the word "Iraq"? The result is a set of conclusions that are just as true today.

Shawn Brimley |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: How to Topple Kim Jong Il

A series of subtle, if not very sexy, policies could help the United States bring an end to North Korea's communist era.

Andrei Lankov |

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The FP Memo: Running the U.N.

If Ban Ki-Moon is to promote peace around the world, he'll have to get tough at headquarters. He should start by sacking useless employees and shaming the shameful.

James Traub |

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The FP Memo: Operation Comeback

Neoconservatives have the president's ear, but they also have lots of baggage. To stay relevant, they must admit mistakes, embrace public diplomacy, and start making the case for bombing Iran.

Joshua Muravchik |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: Damage Control

To regain control of American diplomacy, Condoleezza Rice must keep John Bolton in New York, place a mole in his office, and keep the vice president out of the loop.

Barbara Crossette |

The FP Memo

Using Your Star Power

The movie industry's brightest stars should pick their foreign-policy roles carefully, stay far away from Davos, and avoid mixing their activism with celebrity gossip.

Rob Long |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: Saving Free Trade

The head of the World Trade Organization must sound alarm bells, go over the heads of diplomats, and push Washington into bold action if the Doha Round is going to produce anything valuable.

Bruce Stokes |

The FP Memo

Creating a Merkel Miracle

Germany's new leader must administer bitter economic medicine, get tough with Russia, and mend ties with the United States -- all while holding together a fragile coalition.

William Drozdiak |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: Attention, Wal-Mart Executives

America's leading company must expand its operations abroad, help smooth relations with China, and convince skeptics that free trade creates jobs.

Robert E. Litan |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: How to Sell America

The new U.S. public diplomacy guru must get the United States on local TV, make U.S. foreign aid more visible, and show the Arab world how diverse American opinion really is.

Ramez Maluf |

The FP Memo

How to Fix Europe's Image Problem

The European Union must showcase its democracy-building skills while avoiding moral grandstanding and its own version of unilateralism.

Andrew Moravcsik |

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The FP Memo: Wanted: Spies Unlike Us

The CIA must cultivate foreign sources, reward service overseas, and tap America's top students to once again get good information on enemies of the United States.

Robert Baer |

The FP Memo

How to be a Nuclear Watchdog

The International Atomic Energy Agency must sharpen its fact-gathering tools, present unvarnished reports, and then leave enforcement to states and the U.N. Security Council.

George Perkovich |

The FP Memo

How to Handle an Overheated Economy

To keep China strong, its premier must prevent local politicians from meddling in the economy, fight official corruption, and cut the red tape.

Barry Naughton |

The FP Memo

How to Reform Saudi Arabia Without Handing It to Extremists

To survive, the monarchy must battle the militants, reassure the religious establishment, and give the middle class a taste of democracy.

F. Gregory Gause III |

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The FP Memo: How to Run the International Monetary Fund

To restore its credibility, the IMF must represent all its members, not just the ones who chose its new director.

Jeffrey D. Sachs |

The FP Memo

How Boeing Can Stop Its Descent

The aviation giant must stop outsourcing its know-how and recapture the vision that made the company an industry leader.

Douglas Gantenbein |

The FP Memo

How to Be a Free Trade Democrat

The Democratic presidential nominee must defeat misconceptions about globalization in order to forge a new trade policy that will both boost economic growth and protect workers.

Gene Sperling |

The FP Memo

Job Description for the Next Pope

To ensure the vitality of the Catholic Church, the successor to John Paul II must embrace science, reject globalization, reach out to the Islamic world -- and brush up on economics.

R. Scott Appleby |

The FP Memo

The FP Memo: A Strategy for Business and Human Rights

The United Nations has failed to produce a balanced set of enforceable rules to regulate the human rights impact of multinational corporations, squandering an opportunity to bolster public trust in globalization.

Daniel Litvin |