Think Again

Think Again

10 Million Sardines in a Sea of Skyscrapers

How sprawling megacities -- from Lagos to Mumbai -- might just save the world.

Jonathan Kalan |

Think Again

Think Again: Climate Treaties

Why the glacial pace of climate diplomacy isn't ruining the planet.

David Shorr |

Think Again

Think Again: Prostitution

Why zero tolerance makes for bad policy on world's oldest profession.

Aziza Ahmed |

Think Again

Think Again: Nelson Mandela

The man behind the myth -- and the tenuous future of South Africa.

John Campbell |

Think Again

Think Again: Mexican Drug Cartels

They aren't just about Mexico or drugs anymore.

Evelyn Krache Morris |

Think Again

Think Again: American Nuclear Disarmament

A smaller atomic arsenal isn't just wishful thinking -- it's bad strategy.

Matthew Kroenig |

Think Again

Think Again: Working Women

Why American women are better off than the lean-inners and have-it-allers realize.

Kay Hymowitz |

Think Again

Think Again: A Nuclear Iran

Why it won’t be the end of the world if the mullahs get the bomb.

Alireza Nader |

Think Again

Pakistan’s Rollercoaster Election

Is this a generationally significant change of power, or more of the same dysfunction?

Michael Kugelman |

Think Again

Think Again: Big Data

Why the rise of machines isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Kate Crawford |

Think Again

Think Again: European Decline

Sure, it may seem as if Europe is down and out. But things are far, far better than they look.

Mark Leonard |

Think Again

Think Again: Austerity

The big spenders are wrong: Maintaining sustainable budgets is essential to economic growth.

Anders Aslund |

Think Again

Think Again: Margaret Thatcher

The former British prime minister was a transformative politician. But her public image as an unblinking Iron Lady fails to do justice to her complexity.

Christian Caryl |

Think Again

Think Again: North Korea

North Korea is a lot more dangerous than you think, but that doesn't mean that Kim Jong Un is insane.

David Kang |

Think Again

Think Again: The Pentagon

The military's Chicken Littles want you to think the sky is falling. Don't believe them: America has never been safer.

Thomas P.M. Barnett |

Think Again

Think Again: Immigration

After Republicans' election-year drubbing, the United States has an historic opportunity to fix its broken immigration system. And the arguments against reform simply don't hold up anymore.

Shannon O’Neil |

Think Again

Think Again: The Muslim Brotherhood

How did so many Western analysts get Egypt's Islamist movement so wrong?

Eric Trager |

Think Again

Think Again: The Republican Party

The future of the GOP -- after the debacle.

Danielle Pletka |

Think Again

Think Again: The Bin Laden Raid

Six myths about President Obama's greatest foreign-policy success.

Mark Bowden |

Think Again

Think Again: The BRICS

Together, their GDP now nearly equals the United States. But are they really the future of the global economy?

Antoine van Agtmael |

Think Again

Think Again: Burma’s Economy

Burma is open for business, and foreign investors are champing at the bit. Time for a reality check.

Jared Bissinger |

Think Again

Think Again: Obama's New Deal

The president's Republican critics are dead wrong. The stimulus worked.

Michael Grunwald |

Think Again

Think Again: The Eurocrisis

Markets are crashing. The euro is hurting. Here's why the continent's financial crisis is even messier than it appears, and how the blowback could hit the United States in the face.

David Gordon |

Think Again

Think Again: The American<br />Energy Boom

Yes, oil and gas made in the USA is surging. But does that really liberate us from the Middle East?

Michael Levi |

Think Again

Think Again: Al Qaeda

A year after Osama bin Laden's death, the obituaries for his terrorist group are still way too premature.

Seth G. Jones |

Think Again

Think Again: Cyberwar

Don't fear the digital bogeyman. Virtual conflict is still more hype than reality.

Thomas Rid |

Think Again

Think Again: Microfinance

Small loans probably won't lift people out of poverty or empower women. But that doesn't mean they're useless.

David Roodman |

Think Again

Think Again: Intelligence

I served in the CIA for 28 years and I can tell you: America's screw-ups come from bad leaders, not lousy spies.

Paul R. Pillar |

Think Again

Think Again: Nuclear Power

Japan melted down, but that doesn't mean the end of the atomic age.

Charles D. Ferguson |

Think Again

Think Again: The Two-State Solution

Everyone knows an independent Palestine, side by side with Israel, is unworkable right now. But it's even more hopeless than they think.

Michael A. Cohen |