Think Again

Think Again

Think Again: Nonviolent Resistance

Resisting the temptation to take up arms against a dictator isn't just the moral thing to do -- it's also the most effective way to win.

Erica Chenoweth |

Think Again

Think Again: War

World peace could be closer than you think.

Joshua S. Goldstein |

Think Again

Think Again: Failed States

On 9/11, the West woke up to the threat posed by failed states. But did we actually understand it?

James Traub |

Think Again

Think Again: Bob Gates

As the secretary of defense steps down, it's time to set aside the paeans and reconsider the conventional take on his tenure.

Benjamin H. Friedman |

Think Again

Think Again: Al Qaeda

The world's most notorious terrorist organization was never quite what Americans thought it was -- and Osama bin Laden's death doesn't mean that it's down for the count.

Daniel Byman |

Think Again

Think Again: Dictators

Arab autocrats may be tottering, 
but the world's tyrants aren't all quaking in their steel-toed boots.

Graeme Robertson |

Think Again

Think Again: The Afghan Drug Trade

Why cracking down on Afghanistan's opium business won't help stop the Taliban -- or the United States' own drug problems.

Jonathan P. Caulkins, Jonathan D. Kulick, and Mark A.R. Kleiman |

Think Again

Think Again: Latin America

America's backyard is no longer an afterthought -- or Washington's to claim.

Mauricio Cárdenas |

Think Again

Think Again: Arab Democracy

One of the world's foremost experts on democracy building debunks the myths surrounding the Arab world's new governments -- and wonders what sort of role the West should play.

Thomas Carothers |

Think Again

Think Again: Education

Relax, America. Chinese math whizzes and Indian engineers aren't stealing your kids' future.

Ben Wildavsky |

Think Again

Think Again: Egypt

From the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Arab autocracy domino theory, five myths about Egypt's revolution.

Blake Hounshell |

Think Again

Think Again: Global Aging

A gray tsunami is sweeping the planet -- and not just in the places you expect. How did the world get so old, so fast?

Phillip Longman |

Think Again

Think Again: The Afghan Surge

Ignore the hype: There's no panacea for the deteriorating U.S.-led war effort in Afghanistan.

Gilles Dorronsoro |

Think Again

Think Again: Offshore Drilling

President Obama told residents of the gulf states this weekend that he feels their pain. But the best way to help the gulf would be to let his ill-advised drilling moratorium expire early.

Eric R.A.N. Smith |

Think Again

Think Again: The Arctic

Everyone wants a piece of the thawing far north. But that doesn't mean anarchy will reign at the top of the world.

Lawson W. Brigham |

Think Again

Think Again: Ronald Reagan

The Gipper wasn't the warhound his conservative followers would have you think.

Peter Beinart |

Think Again

Think Again: The Internet

They told us it would usher in a new era of freedom, political activism, and perpetual peace. They were wrong. 

Evgeny Morozov |

Think Again

Think Again: Iran's Green Movement

It's a civil rights movement, not a revolution.

Hooman Majd |

Think Again

Think Again: Nuclear Weapons

President Obama’s pledge to rid the world of atomic bombs is a waste of breath. But not for the reasons you might imagine.

John Mueller |

Think Again

Think Again: Africom

U.S. Africa Command was launched to controversy and has been met with skepticism ever since. Behind two years of mixed messages, a coherent mission might finally be emerging. Here's what you need to know about the world's next U.S. military hub.

Elizabeth Dickinson |

Think Again

Think Again: Brain Drain

The movement of skilled workers from poor countries to rich ones is nothing to fear. In the long run, it will benefit both.

Michael A. Clemens |

Think Again

Think Again: God

As causalities from the world's religious wars mount, God is getting a bad reputation. But the war against God has had its casualties as well. Here's why we need a truce -- and why secularism is almost as much of a threat to the world as fundamentalism.

Karen Armstrong |

Think Again

Think Again: America's Image

U.S. standing in the world matters, Americans care about it, and a weakened stature continues to hamper U.S. policy. Twenty prominent political scientists have recently completed a year-long study of the issue and clear away the underbrush of misunderstanding.

Peter Katzenstein |

Think Again

Think Again: Japan's Revolutionary Election

Don't believe the hype about Japan's new ruling party and the supposed revolution it is launching. As the new government completes its first month in office, all signs point to more of the same old stagnation in Tokyo.

Paul J. Scalise |

Think Again

Think Again: Lawrence of Arabia

Afghanistan is a mess. Suicide bombs are still going off in Iraq. Is nation-building doomed to failure? It's time to consult the original insurgent, T.E. Lawrence.

John C. Hulsman |

Think Again

Think Again: Palestine

President Obama got the leaders of Israel and Palestine to shake hands this week. But a meeting in Midtown does not a Palestinian deal make. Here’s why.

Zahi Khouri |

Think Again

Think Again: The U.N. Security Council

With a U.S. president chairing the world’s top security body for the first time, it’s worth asking: What does the U.N. Security Council do, exactly? The answer, it turns, out, is more than you think, and less than you might hope.

David Bosco |