Christian Caryl

Remembering the Fall

It's hard to remember just how impassable the Berlin Wall was -- until one day it wasn't. A memoir.

Christian Caryl |

Christian Caryl

Eulogy for a Quiet Revolutionary

What today’s activists can learn from the life and times of the heroic Polish politician who passed away earlier this week.

Christian Caryl |

Photo Essay

Once Upon a Time in Beijing

China's capital in the Age of Empire.

Park Macdougald |


It's the Brazilians, Stupid

Meet Brazil's James Carville -- and the other political consultants who are shaking up Latin America's electoral landscape.

Mac Margolis |


The Collaborator's Song

We often ask why some people choose to resist authoritarian regimes. But the better question might be why so many decide to cooperate.

Anne Applebaum |

In Box

Requiem for a Russian Spy

A CIA veteran remembers his Soviet counterpart.

Milton Bearden |

The List

The New Asian Tiger?

Ten things you didn't know about Vietnam's rise. 

Marco Breu |

The List

Best of ArabLeaks

Just how much did these cables change the world?

David Kenner |


Why We Can't Rule Out an Egyptian Reign of Terror

A historian's look at revolution and its discontents.

David A. Bell |

Photo Essay

Revolutionary Road

Almost as long as there have been governments, there have been attempts to overthrow them. But what does history tell us about the recent uprisings in the Middle East?



The Russians Return

Russia's back in Afghanistan, this time in cooperation with the West -- but do objectives really align?

James Kirchick |

Missing Links

Europe After the Berlin Wall: 4 Surprises

For Europe the effects of the Berlin Wall's collapse were almost as surprising as the fall itself. Here are 4 of the unexpected consequences that the end of the Soviet Union had for Europe -- ones even the experts didn't see coming.

Moisés Naím |


The Rift that Began in Tiananmen Square

When Deng Xiaoping met with Mikhail Gorbachev in May 1989, neither communist leader could have predicted that the events simultaneously transpiring in Tiananmen Square would ricochet around the world -- all the way to the Berlin Wall.

Chen Jian |


Who Brought Down the Berlin Wall?

Reagan? Economics? The CIA? Why the usual suspects get too much credit. Part of an FP series, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Christian Caryl |


The Memory Trap

Why remembrance of past imperial glory holds back Russia today. Part of an FP series, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Nina L. Khrushcheva |


The Myth of Deutschland Über Alles

When the Berlin Wall came down, the world cheered -- and the West Germans sipped lattes. Part of an FP series, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Josef Joffe |


1989: The Lost Year

For Gorbachev and Bush Sr., it was 12 months of missed opportunities. The first in an FP series, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

David E. Hoffman |